Facilitators: Beth Albright, Mitch Appleman, Bobby Benjamin, Zach Gershon, Tara Sherman, Liz Stone, Daniel Turner, Kelsey Brennan
Upcoming sessions 1st & 3rd Tuesdays:  June 1 & 15; July 6 & 20; August 3 & 17; September 7 & 21; October 5 & 19; November 2 & 16; December 7 & 21
Time: 7:30pm Eastern/ 6:30pm Central/ 5:30pm Mountain/ 4:30pm Pacific
Sessions: 90 minutes

Always monitored/facilitated by ADDA volunteers

The purpose of the ADDA Young Adult Hangout is to provide a safe space for connection and casual conversation outside of the regular biweekly support group meetings. This group was born of a desire for greater social connection and is intended for ADDA members ages 18-28.

Join us to talk about life, ask questions of your peers, hang out with like minded people, and get a few laughs in. This group is not meant to be coaching, a workshop or therapy.

Sometimes you just want to gab, connect and have fun with people who get you. Talk about your favorite binge shows, podcasts, books or insta.  Of course if you have an ADHD issue we are here to support you as well.

This group is the offspring of the Young ADDults peer group and is another opportunity to connect with your friends.

 Group Leader Information

Beth Albright – coming soon

Mitch Appleman – BIO

  • Mitch Appleman

    My name is Mitch Appleman and I have been involved with ADDA since 2019. I attended the ADHD Conference in 2019, met some amazing people, including the Young Adults VPSG, and have been involved with this amazing community ever since! I am currently a facilitator for the Young Adults Virtual Peer Support Group as well as the Young Adults “hangout” group. I love the support that ADDA provides in the forms of resources, community, sharing experiences, and more. Being part of ADDA has helped me navigate my own life especially in my struggles relative to my social, work, family, and personal lives and I enjoy sharing my experiences with others and learning from my peers.

  • Bobby Benjamin – coming soon

    Zach Gershon – BIO
  • Zach Gershon

    Zach Gershon is a PhD student at the Rockefeller University in NYC, studying neurobiology and the genetics of cognition. Zach has been a member of ADDA since 2016. He first joined the now defunct College Student Virtual Peer Support Group, and when it ended that summer, he looked to continue with a group for community support. Other Adult ADHD groups had an average membership age of over 35. Feeling like he was only “adulting” some of the time, Zach had trouble relating to those full-time adults. He realized that there weren’t a lot of resources to specifically support young adults with ADHD, and worked with ADDA to start the Young ADDults Virtual Peer Support Group. Zach has facilitated the Support Group since its inception in the summer of 2017; and in that time, the Young ADDults group has provided a safe and welcoming space to support over 100 young adults with ADHD. Adding to his volunteer work with ADDA, Zach was excited to join the planning committee for the International Conference on ADHD at the end of 2019 to advocate for more content targeting young adults. In his down time, Zach enjoys going to the theater, concerts, and museums, as well as just having a game night with his friends. Zach looks forward to meeting other young adults with ADHD and having the chance to talk with them about how they deal with their ADHD and its impacts on their lives.

  • Tara Sherman – BIO
  • Tara Sherman

    Tara has been working in education, with neurodiverse learners, since 2016. She has been volunteering with ADDA since 2020.

  • Daniel Turner – BIO
  • Daniel Turner

    Daniel is a materials scientist and engineer working in Massachusetts. He’s been volunteering with ADDA since 2020 and a member since 2019. His ADHD journey started when he was diagnosed in grad school with ADHD combined type. This came after successfully finishing an undergraduate engineering degree and working in industry for two years. Since then, he has come to realize how profoundly ADHD has affected his life, both personally and professionally. Outside of work and ADHD, Daniel enjoys reading, birdwatching, cooking anything that he can think of and sampling craft beers.

  • Kelsey Brennan – BIO
  • Kelsey Brennan

    Greetings! My name is Kelsey Brennan. I became a member of the Young Adult Support group in 2018. My facilitator journey began in 2020 when we introduced the Young Adult Hangout group in an effort to increase opportunities for social interaction during the Covid-19 pandemic. ADDA’s support groups have been an integral part of my mental health journey, giving me access to an amazing community, invaluable resources, and endless encouragement.

    I live in NJ with my partner and cat, Maverick (a frequent guest at meetings). When not volunteering for ADDA I can be found crocheting, rollerblading, kayaking, identifying trees, wood burning, playing guitar, running… whichever of the many hobbies I’m in the mood for that day.