Struggling to Get Your Ducks in a Row? Ask for Help

As life unfolds, ADHD challenges are likely to ebb and flow. You might notice that there have been times when your ADHD symptoms were well-managed, and yet other times when you felt as though ADHD was getting in the way of nearly everything. I encourage you to reflect on what types of support you might need at this point in your life, right NOW, given your strengths, challenges, and unique history of living with ADHD. I challenge you to take a risk and reach out to people, organizations, professionals, and programs that might just give you the boost you need to live successfully with ADHD – whatever that might look like to you.

In this edition of the Insider, we have an article that will explain how ADHD-informed professional organizers can be a beneficial part of an ADHD treatment team. We also want to remind you that we have expanded our virtual support groups and workshops in order to offer more connection and guidance centered around your needs and interests.

Speaking of support and connection, you may have heard the big news that ADDA is partnering with Sari Solden for Better Together Festival, a celebration of women with ADHD and the men and organizations who have supported them. The event will take place in May in the Ann Arbor, MI area and will be an opportunity for the ADDA community to reconnect and celebrate together face-to-face. ADDA members receive 50% off the ticket price with promo code ADDALOVE through the end of February. Register now!

Don’t forget to submit your questions about women’s ADHD at to be answered by Sari Solden in regular video posts. We are also in need of volunteers and personal stories of hope as we continue to help adults with ADHD.

As you can see, a lot of BIG things are happening around here! So if you’re not an ADDA member yet, this is definitely the year you should join ADDA and begin taking action to master your ADHD.

Until next issue,

Believe in yourself!

Michelle Frank, Psy.D.
ADDA Insider Editor


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