Sessions: 90 minutes
Fridays, October 23rd 2020, October 30th, 2020
8pm Eastern/7pm Central/6pm Mountain/5pm Pacific

October 23rd – Unwrapping the Gifts: Twice-Exceptionality and ADHD Using a Strengths- & Interest-Based Approach

With Lisa Zaretsky

Do you wonder how you could possibly be “gifted” when so many things in your life are out of control? There’s a common misunderstanding of “Twice Exceptional”, 2E and “gifted.” Most people think “gifted” means you had to be the smartest kid in your class, or that you finished high school when you were 12. But “gifted” isn’t limited to school. Unfortunately, we measure young people’s success by their achievements in school. But there are many other areas of human accomplishment where you may stand head and shoulders above your peers. What special magic might you be hiding or even unaware of? Join Lisa Zaretsky as she explores how you can bring out your best and reach your full potential using a strengths and interest-based approach. 


October 30th – Mindful Self-Compassion: Loving-Kindness Meditation

With Sonal Singh

Mindfulness is the first step in emotional healing—being able to turn toward and acknowledge our difficult thoughts and feelings (such as inadequacy, sadness, anger) with a spirit of openness and curiosity. Self-compassion involves responding to these difficult thoughts and feelings with kindness, sympathy, and understanding so that we soothe and comfort ourselves when we’re hurting.

Research has shown that self-compassion greatly enhances emotional wellbeing. It boosts happiness, reduces anxiety and depression, and can even help maintain healthy lifestyle habits such as diet and exercise. Being both mindful and compassionate leads to greater ease and well-being in our daily lives.

Sonal Singh is an ADHD Success Coach and Educational Therapist. She is also a Certified PEERS Telehealth Therapist for Young Adults on Social Skills from UCLA.

Sonal works with clients of all ages on strengthening focus, attention, Executive Function Skills, Emotional Regulation and Social Skills. She also uses a strength-based approach to coach her adult clients as they navigate career & life transitions. Through her workshops and coaching, Sonal brings a fresh perspective on how to raise productivity and performance through practical strategies that work.

Sonal is based out of New Delhi, India and works with clients across the world. She has over 20 years of experience including with Dow Jones Newswires, Aon Hewitt, McKinsey Knowledge Center, and as CEO of her non-profit, Maitri India. Sonal has an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management, ASU and a BSc. in Finance from University of Utah. She also has a certification in Social Impact Strategy from University of Pennsylvania. Sonal earned her ADHD coaching certification from the ADD Coach Academy.

Sonal is an ADDA Volunteer, and facilitates a Volunteer Peer Support Group for Global Indians held alternate Saturdays. Sonal can be found at