Leaders:  Scott Wimer, Allison Burnett
Session day and frequency: 2nd & 4th Tuesdays
Time: 5pm ET/  4pm CT / 3pm MT /2pm PT
Sessions Length:
75 minutes
December 14 & 28, January 11 & 25, February 8 & 22, March 8 & 22, April 12 & 26, May 10 & 24, June 14 & 28, July 12 & 26, August 9 & 23, September 13 & 27, October 11 & 25, November 8 & 22, December 13 & 27

For people with ADHD, the solo workplace can be especially rewarding and challenging. Whether you work from home, your car, or are provided office space, if you are your own boss, this group is for you!

If you work a steady 9-5 job you hardly need to plan for the slow times or prepare for the crush of busy times, we understand and share these struggles.

Join our leaders to learn practical tips and strategies for managing common ADHD-related challenges and to connect with other like-minded adults.

This is a safe space to discuss problems ADHDers face in the gig economy.

Possible discussion topics include:

  • Organization and time management
  • Fostering professional relationships
  • Managing overwhelm
  • Topics suggested by group members

Find the workplace support you need. Join us on Tuesdays.

Group Leader Information

Allison Burnett – BIO

  • Allison Burnett

    I am an ADDCA trained ADHD coach with a practical approach to helping clients understand and strategize around their ADHD symptoms. My interest in this area stems from years spent working with my own ADHD in various roles including grad student, ESL teacher, and museum curator.


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