The Power of Connecting with People Who Get You

ADHD is a unique experience, and you’re likely going through it with a lot less support than you’d like. When you connect, you find people with answers. Or maybe you find people with the same questions you have, and you can search for the answers together. Those connections give you hope. You’re no longer alone in your struggle when you know people just like you who’ve solved the problems you’re facing.

ADDA offers multiple ways to connect.

ADDA Virtual Peer Support Groups and Workshops for Adults

ADDA’s Virtual Peer Support Groups and Workshops offer ADDA members the opportunity to connect with peers for support in a safe non-judgmental environment. We offer a variety of groups geared toward the many different interests and experiences our members have. Click here to learn more about our Virtual Support Groups and Workshops.

Talk to an ADDA Ambassador

The Internet has been great for helping adults with ADHD learn more about ADHD. You can read, listen and watch more about ADHD than ever before. But have you ever just wanted to TALK TO SOMEONE!?

ADDA has the answer. You can talk with another adult with ADHD, without leaving the comfort and privacy of your home. Our ADDA Ambassadors are volunteers who enjoy meeting and conversing with their peers. They want you to know that you are not alone. Click here to learn more about the ADDA Ambassadors.

Connect at a Conference

ADDA has partnered with the ADHD Coaches Organization and CHADD to create the International Conference on ADHD! Learn more about our next event here.