ADDA offers you the opportunity to connect with other ADDA members, connect with people living with ADHD, connect with people who totally get you.

The Power of Connecting with Your “Tribe”

Our ADDA Ambassadors are a group of volunteers who offer the truly life-changing experience of connecting with your “tribe.” They want to connect, and to help others stay connected, all year long. They share a common commitment to connect with other adults with ADHD. They are men and women who enjoy meeting and conversing with our peers, and they bring that sense of connection – that feeling of being amongst your tribe- to every conversation with ADDA members.

The Internet and email have been great for helping adults with ADHD learn more about ADHD. You can read, listen and watch more about ADHD than ever before. But have you ever had a day when you’d much rather just TALK TO SOMEONE!?  If you’re lucky, you attend an adult ADHD support group, but what if you don’t?  What if you can’t get to the meetings?  What if they don’t fit your schedule?  How do you connect?

Sometimes you just want to pick up the phone (without feeling like they wish you’d “call someone who cares!”)  ADDA has the answer. Would you like to meet with other adults with ADHD without leaving the comfort and privacy of your home?

 ADDA Virtual Peer Support Groups and Workshops for Adults

ADDA’s Virtual Peer Support Groups and Workshops offer ADDA members the opportunity to connect with peers for support in a safe non-judgmental environment. We offer a variety of groups geared toward the many different interests and experiences our members have. Click here to learn more about our Virtual Support Groups and Workshops.

Consider Volunteering with ADDA

Volunteering for ADDA can help you find new friends, reach out to a community where you feel right at home, learn new skills in a stress-free environment and even advance your career. Experience what it feels like to work in an ADHD-friendly environment among people like you. Click here to learn more about Volunteer Opportunities.

Talk to an ADDA Ambassador

The ADDA Ambassadors give you the opportunity to connect with others just like you. ADHD is a unique experience, and you’re likely going through it with a lot less support than you’d like. When you connect, you find people with answers.  Or maybe you find people with the same questions you have, and you can search for the answers together.  Those connections give you hope.  You’re no longer alone in your struggle when you know people just like you who’ve solved the problems you’re facing. Click here to learn more about the ADDA Ambassadors.

Connect at a Conference

Yes, we’re having a Conference! We’re partnering with CHADD to create the International Conference on ADHD! Learn more about our next event here.