ADHD Awareness & Mental Health at Rena-Fi

May 18, 2020 @ 8:00 pm – 9:15 pm America/New York Timezone
Rena-Fi, Inc.
Katherine Neilson
ADHD Awareness & Mental Health at Rena-Fi @ Rena-Fi, Inc.

ADHD Awareness & Mental Health at Rena-Fi

It’s Mental Health Awareness month. It’s time to bring light to the struggles and adversity people are facing in their own minds. Some are temporary. In this unprecedented time, we don’t know how temporary. And some are lifelong. ADHD is one of those. Duane Gordon, ADDA President, will be speaking at a Rena-Fi event open to all. 

In the face of Covid-19, many people are discovering that the ways they’ve been coping with their ADHD (whether they knew it was ADHD or not) aren’t working. Losing structure and feeling anxious in the face of uncertainty can present whole new challenges with ADHD. Many people suspect they have ADHD but don’t get a diagnosis. They may feel “it doesn’t affect them.” Or they don’t want to be “labelled.” They may be worried about taking medication. 

We’ll talk about the stigma surrounding ADHD. Should you get a diagnosis: is it better to know? And how can your community support you? Duane has invited two friends and fellow ADDA Board members to join him in the discussion. Dr. Michelle Frank from Denver, Colorado, is a psychologist and co-author of A Radical Guide for Women with ADHD: Embrace Neurodiversity, Live Boldly, and Break Through BarriersRomanza McAllister, LCSW is a trauma informed psychotherapist in New York City.


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