Leaders: Kylie Barron & Doug Snyder

Sessions: 60-75 minutes  Group Discussion, Tips and Strategies
Series return TBD

Live Run/Walk Weekly Sessions: 30-45 minutes
Series return TBD

It has been said that ADHDers know what to do, our difficulties are getting started and keeping a regular routine.

We know exercise can be repetitive and boring, that’s why we are adding a special ingredient – making it social – maybe even competitive.

Running with a friend or a group of friends changes the dynamic. Your new running buddy is supporting you and you are helping them. Or are you competing? Either way it’s not the same humdrum daily chore.

Scientific studies have shown that social connections improve people’s sense of well being and mental health.  Social connections are a feeling of care and kinship toward other people, promoting supportive relationships and supportive interactions.

At ADDA’s Couch to 5K you can go from a group of strangers with ADHD who want regular exercise to a bunch of friends cheering each other on and sharing in your successes.

The program will conclude with the Blue Bell 5k run April 4-10. (Who doesn’t want to run for ice cream?) and a group meeting on April 11th  to celebrate our shared success.  Here’s the link:  https://bluebellfunrun.com/about-the-run/

We will be using the Strava APP. It has free options and a subscription option. Using this APP we can see who is on the leaderboard for our group. www.strava.com/app

Please join us bright and early on Monday mornings for exercise time together, and once a month on Sunday for a moderated group discussion.

We welcome you to join us as we embark on this habit building and friendship building series.


Group Leader Information

Kylie Barron – coming soon
Doug Snyder – coming soon