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  • Get instant access to our library including years of articles, white papers and Webinar recordings. Everything you need to know about adult ADHD is available to you in our members-only exclusive archives featuring the top Adult ADHD experts in the field today.
  • Get free access to our live Webinar programs exclusively for adults with ADHD. The top experts on adult ADHD present the latest news, strategies and discoveries you need to know.
  • ADDA’s professional members are listed in our easily searchable Professional Directory. Find supportive ADHD professionals you can trust who are also ADDA members.
  • You access a supportive ADHD Community where you can connect with other adults with ADHD who get you through our Virtual Peer Support Groups and Virtual Workshops.
  • ADDA’s Community Calendar lets you discover all live and virtual events for adults with ADHD. Want to connect with your peers locally? ADDA Members list your own events free.
  • When you join ADDA, you support an organization working to make your life better. We bring you the latest on adult ADHD, your own mobile app, ADDA Health Storylines, the ADDA Community Outreach Committee (for when you just need to talk to someone) and more!
  • And it’s all at a very affordable membership fee.

And we’re always working to bring you even more benefits! Invest in yourself today!

ADDA Is There for You

With ADDA as your trusted source of information, you find answers. When you have answers; you have hope. You feel empowered; you ARE empowered, because, for the first time, you’re in charge of your life. You’re no longer a victim, because you know ADDA is your touchstone, your place to come back to, like coming home, where people just get you.

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