You already know about ADDA’s famous Conferences and between Conferences, many of you connect by attending Webinars, stay in touch through ADDA’s Website or by subscribing to ADDA’s monthly electronic newsletter, the ADDA Insider.

And they are great but what if you’re not “tech savvy”?  What if you’ve had it up to here with email?  What if you just want to TALK to someone!?

The ADDA Ambassadors program gives you that opportunity to connect with others just like you. Why is that connection so important? ADHD is a unique experience. As an adult with ADHD, you’re likely going through it with a lot less support than you’d like. When you connect, you find people with answers.  Or maybe you find people with the same questions you have, and you can search for the answers together.  Those connections give you hope.  You’re no longer alone in your struggle when you know people just like you who’ve solved the problems you’re facing.

Would you like a call from an ADDA Ambassador? Please complete the following form and an Ambassador will get back to you in a few days.

Would You Like to Be an Ambassador?

Please visit our ADDA Ambassadors Program page to get more details and sign up.