Committees and Workgroups

Executive Committee

Chair: Duane Gordon, President
Mission: To exercise the powers and duties of the Board between Board meetings and while the Board is not in session, and to implement the policy decisions of the Board.

Vice President: Dr. Michelle Frank

Secretary: Melissa Reskof

Treasurer: Jeffrey Druce

Revenue Generation Committee

Chair: Caroline Maguire
Mission: To generate the revenue necessary to ensure that ADDA successfully carries out its mission of providing programs and services that help adults with AD/HD.

Finance Committee

Chair: Jeffrey Druce
Mission: To advise the Board on fiscal affairs, and recommend controls, policies, and procedures to maintain the fiscal health of the organization.

Webinar Work Group

Chair: Linda Roggli
Mission: To provide information, resources, and networking opportunities for adults with AD/HD and the professionals who serve them in multiple locations via telephone and the internet.

Workplace Issues Committee

Chair: Linda Walker
Mission: To provide resources and education to employers and employees to create successful work environments for individuals with AD/HD.

Communications Committee

Chair: Michelle Frank
Mission: To effectively and consistently communicate ADDA’s message to the media and general public. Oversees all external communication initiatives and activities, including the website, publications and media contact.

ADDA Insider

Editor: Michelle Teel
Mission: To effectively and consistently communicate ADDA’s message through ADDA’s electronic newsletter, the ADDA Insider.

Community Outreach Committee

Chair: Melissa Reskof
Mission: To provide a forum for ADDA members to connect with each other, find empowerment, solve problems, and cope with life in more efficient and effective ways.

Member Engagement Committee

Chair: Douglas Harris
Mission: To encourage ADDA members to make ADDA their own by engaging in the community and participating in the development, organization and operation of the committees and workgroups.