Executive Committee

Chair: Duane Gordon, President
Mission: To exercise the powers and duties of the Board between Board meetings and while the Board is not in session, and to implement the policy decisions of the Board.

Secretary: Melissa Reskof

Treasurer: Keith Griffin

Finance Committee

Chair: Keith Griffin
Mission: To advise the Board on fiscal affairs, and recommend controls, policies, and procedures to maintain the fiscal health of the organization.

Outreach Committee

Chair: Melissa Reskof
Mission: To create opportunities for ADDA members to connect with each other. This includes creating new opportunities for peer support, reaching out to international ADHD opportunities and spearheading ADDA’s participation in THE industry-wide annual International Conference on ADHD in partnership with CHADD and ACO.

Virtual Support Committee

Chair: Renee Crook
Mission: To create a community and organizing framework to enable adults with ADHD to give and receive mutual support, find empowerment, solve problems, and cope with life in more efficient and effective ways in a safe and accepting space.

Grant-Writing Committee

Chair: Duane Gordon
Mission: To seek out and apply for grants from government, business and private grant-giving organizations in support of ADDA projects.

Marketing Committee

Chair: Kylie Barron
Mission: To understand, honor and reflect ADDA’s  mission and vision, and to create ADDA’s branding and messaging to reflect and reinforce that reality.

Webinar Work Group

Chair: Linda Roggli
Mission: To provide information, resources, and networking opportunities for adults with AD/HD and the professionals who serve them in multiple locations via telephone and the internet.

Workplace Issues Committee

Chair: Erik “Doc” Anderson
Mission: To provide resources and education to employers and employees to create successful work environments for individuals with AD/HD.

Conference Committee

Chair: Melissa Reskof
Mission: To create THE industry-wide annual International Conference on ADHD in partnership with CHADD.

The joint CHADD/ADDA/ACO Conference Committee is a combined committee of leaders from ACO, CHADD and ADDA responsible for spreading awareness of the International Conference on ADHD.

ADDA Insider

Editor: Laura K. Champion
Mission: To effectively and consistently communicate ADDA’s message through ADDA’s electronic newsletter, the ADDA Insider.

ADDA Achieves

Chair: Kylie Barron
Mission: To work with post-secondary education institutions to support adults with ADHD as they navigate their learning and beyond.

Social Media

Chair: Michelle Price
Mission: To engage adults with ADHD on social media and make them aware of the resources available through ADDA.

ADHD Awareness Committee (Joint Committee with CHADD, ACO and ADDA)

ADDA Representative: Michelle Price
Mission: This joint committee has a mission to spread ADHD Awareness all year long via the www.adhdawarenessmonth.org Web site. Their ongoing efforts culminate in a concerted effort to increase ADHD awareness each October, ADHD Awareness Month.