Marcella’s Journey Continues

by Marcella Lowry As a child, I went to a local center for the developmentally disabled. I wasn't disabled, but I knew I was different. Doctors knew I was extremely intelligent. But they didn't know how to diagnose me, either.…
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The ADHD Life Adventure

By Janet L. Schmidt Jim Brown, aka pen name, James Phoenix says “I'm an old guy now” but, this old guy has founded dozens of companies. He estimates about half of these companies were successful. A couple of companies were…
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Conquer the Clutter book

ADHD and Hoarding Disorder 101

Hoarding Disorder often coexists with other mental health disorders. The other disorders don’t CAUSE hoarding, but they do significantly impact the additional challenges that a person living with hoarding disorder must deal with. United Nations estimates that the current North…
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Persistence and Resilience Pay Off with ADHD

By Janet L. Schmidt Abigail Wurf was diagnosed with ADHD when she was 30 years old while attending graduate school.  She was aware of some learning disabilities at the time.  During a testing period, the person running the test told…
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