Undiagnosed ADHD Made Me Question My Sanity

By: Kate As an only child of two highly intelligent and motivated people, a lot was expected from me very early on in life. My parents constantly encouraged me to be the best at everything I did. For a while,…
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I Wasn’t Crazy After All

By: Lindsay I am a seventeen-year old girl, I’m pretty sure I’ve had ADHD my whole life. I was diagnosed as a small child and prescribed medication to help me with concentration as well as to prevent my harming myself…
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ADHD: The Good and the Bad

By: Dotti  I don’t want sympathy. I just want to share my perspective about ADHD. I’m 32 and I have two amazing little girls. They love their wonderful papa and gorgeous grandma, bless their hearts. I’m currently doing a degree in nursing. I have ADHD combined-type. I hate the city and urban life. I feel overwhelmed from information overload. And I…
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