Impacted Roots and Broken Wings, An Interview with Evelyn Polk-Green

by Patti Schwab As an adult with ADHD Evelyn Green is all too familiar with the challenges of meeting the responsibilities of everyday life but guiding her adult children who also have ADHD is a new one. As she has…
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Message from the Editor: You Can’t Say No to Sari Solden’s New Videos!

Are you someone who gets excited about a lot of things and ends up taking on too much, only to realize it the day before something is due? That happens a lot to people with ADHD who are often interested…
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How Ronnie Sidney Beat the Odds

“If you can believe it, the mind can achieve it.” Ronnie Lott This quote carries a message that Ronnie Sidney, II, the author of “Nelson Beats the Odds,” has lived by his entire life. “Nelson Beats the Odds,” is a…
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