Acceptance and Change


My Little Sister Has ADHD

ADHD can be confusing and overwhelming. Getting diagnosed in the first place isn’t easy. Anger and/or sadness often accompany processing the ADHD diagnosis, because you have ADHD, and because you wish you knew sooner. Others experience relief, that finally there’s an explanation, a reason that life’s challenges have not been entirely their fault. Then, there’re […]

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Message from the Editor: Finding Your Strengths; Making the Best of Your ADHD Diagnosis

Some people criticize me for tuning out, being fidgety when I’m expected to sit still, talking too much or out of turn, repeating jokes, being immature and just being out-of-touch with most other adults. I sometimes feel like a kid in a grownup’s body. I’m sure most adults with ADHD can relate similar experiences. Despite […]

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ADHD is not One-Size-Fits-All

When I first started to figure out my ADHD (and this wasn’t easy, but that’s another story) I thought I had solved the problem for my ADHD daughter as well. My youngest daughter was diagnosed with ADHD before I was – in fact, as is often the case, I only discovered my own ADHD through […]

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Learn to Listen. Listen to Learn.

I was enjoying a classic Ramones song today with a strikingly simple and powerful chorus. It said: Learn to listen; listen to learn You gotta learn to listen before you get burned. The Ramones I found the song’s message particularly apt in the wake of yet another wave of violence in our country and around […]

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