Three Practical Hacks for Your Financial Health

                          In today’s Rena-Fi’cation session, we’re going to get practical. As a group, adults with ADHD are dealing with an extra layer of complication. You ignore that at…
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ADHD-Friendly Financial Management? Yes! And It’s Not What You Think

ADHDers experience serious financial problems at four times the rate of the general population. It’s not because we can’t balance a checkbook. ADHD does not affect your intelligence. You are NOT stupid (or lazy)! Are you ready to “Rena-Fi” your…
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Who Is Richard Webster?

What’s a financial education platform like Rena-Fi, Inc. (Rena-Fi) have to do with ADDA, or ADHD for that matter? As I sit down to write this I’m honestly overwhelmed by the emotional content of the topic. Rena-Fi has other affiliate…
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