This Is MY Holy Grail of Planning Systems. Could It Be Yours?

I’m an ADHD coach. My clients often want help with time management, planning and prioritizing. They get tired of scrambling from one urgent deadline to another. They want to bring some calm to their lives. But they still want to…
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How to Stay on Top of Your To-Do List When You Have a Spotty Memory

by Nathalie Pedicelli, ADHD Organizer Coach at Organize.Thrive.Monetize. I’m an ADHD Organizer Coach. That’s a Professional Organizer who has ADHD Coach training. I am a fanatic of writing things down. It helps compensate for my Swiss-cheese-like ADHD memory! (And it’s…
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The Planner Pads Time Management System

A Product Review by the ADDA Product Review Team  Since planning and time management are common concerns for adults with ADHD, here at ADDA we are always looking for helpful tools to make life for our members a bit easier.…
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