What About Dogs and ADHD – Does it Work?

In my years of practicing Counseling Psychology I have been asked to write letters in support of allowing patients to own a pet in a condominium. Condo rules may prohibit pets due to fears of the mess or barking. However,…
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How to Use Your Trampoline as the Ultimate ADHD Management Tool

By Adam Eyal  If you suffer from ADHD, you might have used a trampoline as a form of therapy as a child, but did you know that it can be just as effective a management tool when you reach adulthood?…
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ADHD & Professional Organizers: How They Can Help

Many adults with ADHD struggle with organization. For most, knowing what needs to be done isn’t the problem - it’s consistently doing it. This is why working with a professional organizer who has specialized training in working with adults with…
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