ADHD Diagnosis Her Biggest Gift

by Annette Tabor Each individual with ADHD sees themselves as having their own special qualities. Michelle Price calls herself an entrepreneur and after talking with her I agree with that description! She feels her diagnosis and experiences with ADHD make…
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ADHD… Isn’t That What Kids Have?

By Terrie Lynda King In 1988, my son was eight years old the first time I heard of Attention Deficit Disorder.  After he was "staffed" at school and made to take many tests: eye test, IQ tests, Placebo versus Ritalin test,…
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The Devil Is In the Details

I was diagnosed with ADHD at 36 years old, not long after our 7-year-old son was diagnosed. Although surprised, I didn’t see it as a problem as I had easily taken advantage of my ADHD strengths and was very successful…
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