Technology “Inclusiveness”

By Duane Gordon   Microsoft has an office of “Disability Inclusion.” But does it include us?  We Depend on Technology... Technology has probably saved my life. It has saved my sanity and my career. As an adult with ADHD, I’m sure you’ll agree…
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A Mothers Love is The Best Treatment

By: Elizabeth Diep I am a mother, wife, sister, cousin, and aunt  of adults and children who have ADHD.  I've only recently been aware of what it is and how all the people in my circle have been affected. My daughter is the…
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Hello Brains!

By Patricia Schwab That is the greeting from YouTube sensation Jessica McCabe to address her fellow adult ADHD’rs. Jessica explains in her TED talk, “Failing at Normal – An ADHD Success Story”, that she uses that greeting to address us…
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Therapy Helped Me Take Back Control

By Nightshade For the past two years, I've blocked out my emotions. I feel this led to my impulsive behavior including taking illegal drugs, risky sexual behavior, skipping school and more. It all stemmed from a lack of self-control. Of…
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Tell Your Story… To More People

My name is Emily Dorffer. I'd like to share with you a publication opportunity for disabled writers. With the help of staff at Johns Hopkins University, I am compiling a short story anthology exclusively featuring short stories written by people…
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My Little Sister Has ADHD

ADHD can be confusing and overwhelming. Getting diagnosed in the first place isn’t easy. Anger and/or sadness often accompany processing the ADHD diagnosis, because you have ADHD, and because you wish you knew sooner. Others experience relief, that finally there’s…
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