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ADDA Adds New Virtual Support Groups for 2017

By Michelle Teel, ADDA Insider, editor The 2017 year starts with three new ADHD virtual peer support groups to help ADDA members and those who love them better understand ADHD.  “I get by with a little help from my friends” John Lennon ADDA’s virtual peer support groups give adults with ADHD the opportunity to connect […]

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ADDA Position Statement on the 2016 US Presidential Election

Following the most contentious, divisive election in the history of the United States, we know there may be understandable consternation and uncertainty among ADDA members. Some might wonder if recent and upcoming political events will impact our tight-knit community here at ADDA. ADDA is proudly welcoming and supportive of all people, regardless of their backgrounds, […]

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Hey Chicago What Do You Say? Everyone’s ADHD Today!

Generations of Chicago Cub’s fans have long held the hope for a World Series Championship.  The mantra “Wait until next year” was as much as part of Chicago culture as deep dish pizza and crooked politicians. We were the Lovable Losers, the legendary record holders of underachievement in baseball history. That all changed at midnight […]

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My Little Sister Has ADHD

ADHD can be confusing and overwhelming. Getting diagnosed in the first place isn’t easy. Anger and/or sadness often accompany processing the ADHD diagnosis, because you have ADHD, and because you wish you knew sooner. Others experience relief, that finally there’s an explanation, a reason that life’s challenges have not been entirely their fault. Then, there’re […]

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About ADHD Infographic

ADDA Helps Raise Awareness with New Adult ADHD Infographic

Do you or the people in your life have questions about adult ADHD? If you’d like to know more about ADHD, or you’d like some help explaining your ADHD to someone, we have just released a cool infographic that helps describe what adult ADHD is, it’s prevalence, how it is diagnosed and how it appears […]

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Message from the Editor: Finding Your Strengths; Making the Best of Your ADHD Diagnosis

Some people criticize me for tuning out, being fidgety when I’m expected to sit still, talking too much or out of turn, repeating jokes, being immature and just being out-of-touch with most other adults. I sometimes feel like a kid in a grownup’s body. I’m sure most adults with ADHD can relate similar experiences. Despite […]

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Message from the Editor: On Time Every Time – I Wish!

Time management is hard for everyone, but for adults with ADHD it’s especially hard. If I don’t write things down and check the list frequently, I forget appointments and commitments. For example, we recently had a meeting for our ADDA editorial work group rescheduled. I write everything in a small calendar that I check “almost” daily. […]

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The Planner Pads Time Management System

A Product Review by the ADDA Product Review Team  Since planning and time management are common concerns for adults with ADHD, here at ADDA we are always looking for helpful tools to make life for our members a bit easier. Luckily, a unique opportunity recently came our way.  The folks at Planner Pad offered us […]

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Matt Jenkins - Truck Driver

Intersections: ADHD and OCD

I live in England, and at 46 years old have recently been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). While researching ADHD, I noticed a lot of articles about people who had committed suicide because of it. I was so saddened by this I felt I had to take action […]

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Learn How Your Child Learns to Ease Transitions

Rachel is a 33-year-old parent with ADHD. Her 13-year-old daughter who is starting eighth grade this school year also has ADHD. Having grown up with ADHD, Rachel aware of what it takes to motivate herself and has helped her daughter learn strategies for coping with ADHD as well. Rachel noticed her daughter struggling in school, […]

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