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ADDA Adds New Virtual Support Groups for 2017

By Michelle Teel, ADDA Insider, editor The 2017 year starts with three new ADHD virtual peer support groups to help ADDA members and those who love them better understand ADHD.  “I get by with a little help from my friends” John Lennon ADDA’s virtual peer support groups give adults with ADHD the opportunity to connect […]

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Happy Holidays! From All of Us at ADDA, to All of You… Wherever You Are!

ADDA is an international organization with members around the world, all of whom are part of the adults-with-ADHD “tribe.” One thing ADDA has always been and will continue to be is inclusive and accepting of all members of this tribe. That’s why at ADDA, we try to be sensitive, avoiding “Christmas” greetings in favor of […]

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Help Us Smile This Holiday

With holidays approaching, millions of people are beginning the process of buying gifts for their friends and family, stocking pantry shelves and decking the halls at Amazon. Did you know you can support ADDA as you make purchases at Amazon?  When you configure your AmazonSmile account to benefit ADDA, Amazon will make a donation every time you […]

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ADDA Position Statement on the 2016 US Presidential Election

Following the most contentious, divisive election in the history of the United States, we know there may be understandable consternation and uncertainty among ADDA members. Some might wonder if recent and upcoming political events will impact our tight-knit community here at ADDA. ADDA is proudly welcoming and supportive of all people, regardless of their backgrounds, […]

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ADDA Helps ADHD Adults Work

Michelle Teel Interviews ADDA Workplace Issues Chair, Linda Walker, PCC ADDA recently launched a new website, ADHD at Work ( Created by the ADDA Workplace Issues Committee led by ADHD Coach Linda Walker, PCC, the webpage answers major questions such as whether or not to disclose an ADHD diagnosis at work and offers suggestions and […]

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ADDA is ADHD at Work!

As our grand finale of ADHD Awareness Month, ADDA is launching a new website today! This Website, ADHD at Work (,) was built specifically to help employees and employers navigate the complexities of adult ADHD at work. The website offers constructive advice for those living with the condition while attempting to succeed in the world […]

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Becoming More Aware, Each October and All Year Long

My family, and the friends I have left, are made aware daily that I have ADHD. Each day is a struggle for me to keep going, to keep motivated and to live a life that most people take for granted. I focus on so many baby steps each day that I get lost in that […]

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Adult ADHD Treatment Falls Short But Together, We Can Improve It Each October (and All Year Long!)

For many adults, an ADHD diagnosis brings a huge sense of relief. There has always been the underlying sense of something not being right. It’s a daily struggle to meet the expectations of family, friends, employers and most of all myself…  and I repeatedly fall short. Millions of ADHD adults find the diagnosis liberating, feeling […]

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About ADHD Infographic

ADDA Helps Raise Awareness with New Adult ADHD Infographic

Do you or the people in your life have questions about adult ADHD? If you’d like to know more about ADHD, or you’d like some help explaining your ADHD to someone, we have just released a cool infographic that helps describe what adult ADHD is, it’s prevalence, how it is diagnosed and how it appears […]

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Happy “Coming Out” Day

Today is Tuesday, October 11, and ADDA is publishing a special issue of the ADDA Insider. It’s ADHD Awareness Month, so we’ve scheduled an issue each Wednesday through the month, but in celebration of another special day, we’re publishing the ADDA Insider a day early. ADDA embraces diversity, and today we have an article to […]

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