Can I Retrain my Brain?

Q: How much can I expect to retrain my brain for different results in an area where I have not been very adept? I work in hospitality. I have had lots of successes working in catering at events where there is structure, but also fluidity. Recently my agency has placed me a restaurant setting , doing table service.This is type of service demands more linear thinking. I have always found this type of work to be stressful . I know that I have improved somewhat in this area over time . However , I am still not great at it . How much do you think I can reprogram my brain to make this easier, as it is the work I have got  to do for the next short while.

While I’m aware of some brain training games, what I have found in my own life is that for me to learn** something new, or adjust my thinking it comes down to my willingness. We with ADHD face some obstacles in this area.

First, we often live with inflexible thinking. For example, I feel very capable in the area of research. But if you ask me to speak in public or present what I have learned – I will tell you I cannot do it. Every time I try to articulate myself in front of people I fall flat. No way. My brain is very inflexible about this.

The other big obstacle is our beliefs about what we are capable of. It looks like you are questioning your ability to handle the demands of this new position.

Have you ever heard of the “growth mindset” concept? It’s sort of complicated – but for the purposes of this email I would encourage you to try to look for growth and learning as the GOAL. As you work through this transition you will make mistakes. Instead of looking at the mistakes as signs of failure, try to view them as signposts along the way.

Write down all the questions that are popping up in your mind, and ask them. Hopefully they will have someone to train you. That person could be a tremendous asset.

This will require a shift in your thinking, but I promise you that you are capable of doing things. Hard things. New things. Uncomfortable things.

Good luck! Let us know how you are doing.




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