Message from the Editor: It’s So Much Better When You’re Not Alone

At ADDA, we know the power of connection. Adults with ADHD are too often lonely. A lack of acceptance can lead to rejection by the people around us, and our own shame leads us to withdraw. Isolation becomes a (very bad) habit. At ADDA, we work hard to provide opportunities to connect.
We know reaching out can be difficult at first. You’re certain that “connecting” is fine for others, but you don’t like people and people don’t like you. And besides, if you get involved, it’s just another chance to screw up and feel like a loser! (Scary how we have the same conversation in our heads, isn’t it?)
ADDA is not like any other place you’ve been. You will not be judged and found wanting. You will not be rejected. You will not need to pretend to be someone you’re not. You will be welcomed. You will be accepted. You will be encouraged. And best of all, you will no longer be alone.
ADDA is always looking for members. But even more than that, we’re looking for active members. We want you to get involved. Talk to an Ambassador, join a Virtual Peer Support GroupJoin a Committee. ADDA is a safe place to spread your wings. I bet you didn’t even remember you had wings! And I promise you, whatever you’d like to do, it’s easier to do it with the support of a group of friends.
Everything is easier when you’re not alone. This is a powerful truth for adults with ADHD. Even our focus improves in the presence of another person, as you’ll discover in today’s article by Linda Anderson, “The Body Double.”
I encourage you to connect with your “tribe.” We’re all here waiting for you. If you’re tired of feeling alone with your ADHD, but you don’t know how you’d like to get involved, reach out to our Member Engagement team. They’ll help you find just the right opportunity. And then: leap!
And, always, believe in yourself.
Michelle Frank, Psy.D.
ADDA Vice President, Editor


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