Alan Brown is Still Crushing It!

Alan Brown is a white hat brain hacker. It’s not just for computers anymore.

Ever heard of it? Brown wants you to learn more.

Alan Brown, creator of ADD Crusher™ ( and successful ADHD coach, has reached thousands all over the world with his prolific series of fun, innovative videos that provide interactive lessons on how to change the way adults with ADHD look at things.

“I’m trying to tell people how, just by viewing something in a different light, you can be more productive and have more success,” says Brown, who was diagnosed with ADHD at age 36. “For instance, when you look at a project don’t say to yourself, “I have to do this,” say “I choose to do this.”

According to Brown, that simple change will allow you to move from a place of negativity to a place of positivity. Instead of your stress level rising, making it difficult to complete a task, your stress level will decrease and you will be able to get more done.

Every video has five “ADD-crushing strategies” that each take just five minutes to learn and five minutes a day to practice to develop life-changing habits.

Curious to know the number one strategy? Feed your brain.

“If you go into the office having had coffee with sugar added to it and a croissant or donut, sugar and simple carbs, we know that for most ADD’ers the mental energy from this will burn off quickly. Instead, you need to have a protein-based breakfast. Diet, exercise, and sleep habits provide a powerful foundation for escaping overwhelm and living to your potential,” Brown says.

The videos present strategies for powering up the mind and creating motivation on demand, Brown explains. Taking control of time, along with improving memory and organization, are among the many other skills presented.

Brown believes that one of reasons that his videos work is because they are fun. “ADD’ers just want to have fun. They don’t want to read a 300-page book of instructions. Our videos have sight, sound and motion. We make it entertaining.”

Another important component to the ADD Crusher™ program is the recommended action step at the end of each strategy. “Do this action step and you will have a better chance at succeeding!” Brown says adamantly.

“Thirdly, we have created a community where people can talk to others and find out what helped them succeed. We have a thriving Facebook page where people feel comfortable to share their comments and tools and strategies.”

While Brown created ADD Crusher™ in 2010, he says he stays just as motivated and excited as when he began because he is able to reach thousands of people all over the world. In fact, not only have Brown’s videos been purchased by people in places such as the Philippines, India, and South America, but Brown recently returned from Europe where he spoke in six different cities about ADHD in adults.

Brown kicked off his tour of Europe on March 6 in Amsterdam, partnering with Martina Schneider of UP Coaching, with a two-hour multi-media, live coaching workshop that included lots of interaction and strategy implementation.

March 7, Brown was honored to be the closing keynote speaker at the first annual Congress of ADHD Women of the Netherlands, CongresADHDvrouw, where he spoke on “New Approaches to ADHD Solutions.” Brown also led a 30-minute “mini-workshop,” at the convention, which was attended by 300 women, most of whom were professionals seeking information and innovative answers. Brown says there are plans to expand this conference beyond the Netherlands, perhaps even bringing it to the United States.

On the 9th, Brown presented a four-hour multi-media live coaching event called “Powerful Strategies for ADHD Teens and Adults.”

In Central London, Brown teamed up with ADDISS to present “Powerful Ways to Escape the ADHD Overwhelm.” The workshop combined video segments from his ADD Crusher™ video series, as well as group discussions and hands-on implementation of action steps. The workshop also included mini one-on-one coaching sessions with group interaction.

“Participants left with a powerful set of proven strategies for coping with classic issues that keep teens and adults from achieving their potential,” Brown says.

According to Brown, adults in Europe are hungry for more information and solutions directed for adults with ADHD. He believes that adult ADHD awareness in the United States is farther along.

Even so, Brown added, “We are all way behind; even in the United States there are 85 percent who remain undiagnosed and untreated.”

Brown wants to reach out to those who are walking around like he used to, not understanding why they are floundering. He urges everyone who is concerned that they might be struggling with ADHD to research the diagnosis and seek professional input. A self-report ADHD screener can be found on ADDA’s website at

“I have never been more thrilled to be alive,” Brown says. “Doing what I’m doing – to be able to work full time with ADD Crusher™, helping others. There is nothing else I can see myself doing.”

Judy Brenis is an ADHD coach in Santa Cruz, California, and the author of the book, ADHD Heroes. ADHD touched her life when her now-adult daughter was diagnosed with ADHD at age five. Judy is passionate about helping those with ADHD create successful, happy healthy lives. Reach her at


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