Adult ADHD: There’s an App for That

Life isn’t easy for adults with ADHD. While there isn’t a magic solution, more tools are at our fingertips than ever before. Name a problem and chances are, “There’s an app for that!” Here’s three apps to check out now!

Storylines by ADDA

ADDA has its own app! Made specifically for adults with ADHD, ADDA Storylines motivates adults with ADHD that encourages habit-building and helps track day-to-day activities all within one platform. Set task reminders, track accomplishments, log your mood and meals, monitor medications and symptoms, and see your entries laid out in a colorful graph so show progress over time! Learn more and download here:


Organizing a cluttered home can be a strenuous task for any adult, and downright paralyzing for an adult with ADHD. An app called HomeRoutines can provide the structure and motivation you need to reduce clutter and make life feel a little less hectic. HomeRoutines allows you to create lists of tasks that need to be completed at home. It then encourages follow through by helping you to break down projects and areas of the house by zones for more efficient – and less overwhelming – routines. You even can track your progress by earning a gold star for each completed task.


Struggling with time management and staying on task? 30/30 may help curb procrastination and off-task behaviors. The app is simple: you enter a task, assign a time limit, and a timer rings every 30 minutes as cue to check in. You then have a few minutes to take a break before returning to work. Every reminder is a chance to re-assess your progress and can help you create more realistic expectations about the amount of time you should assign for a specific task.

Lauren Walters is a graduate student in the field of Mental Health Counseling, after completing a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Business Administration. In her free time, Lauren enjoys writing and inspiring others.


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      • Samantha
      • July 18, 2017

      Home Routines is not available for me (android). Is there a similar free app you recommend?

      • Harish G
      • May 18, 2017

      Is the Home Routines app not available on Android?

      • Andy
      • December 27, 2016

      Hey would you be able to put the app on the UK appstore ?

      • Frederick
      • October 30, 2015

      Awesome. Thank you!

      • Lauren
      • August 2, 2015

      Hi Gerry,

      Glad I could be of assistance.


      • Gerry Martin
      • July 11, 2015

      This app may be just what I need! I get so frustrated with all the stuff!.

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