While ADDA remains committed to helping young adults with ADHD make a successful transition to post-secondary institutions, funding does not permit continuing our own ADHD scholarship programs for the foreseeable future.

In particular, the Novotni and Moulton-Farnsworth scholarships are no longer available. We have asked the websites that refer people to ADDA for these scholarships to stop, but to no avail. We cannot help you with these scholarships so please do not contact us about them.


ADDA College Student Resources

ADDA does offer some help for college students with ADHD and you’ll find that on our Student Help Page. In addition to providing information, we also offer the unique opportunity to participate in our virtual College Peer Support Groups

Please visit our page, Recommended Resources for College Students with ADHD, where you’ll find numerous resources for students transitioning to post-secondary institutions, including a number of organizations that do offer scholarships. We also have a page detailing Recommended Accommodations for College Students with ADHD .

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