ADHD & Professional Organizers: How They Can Help

Many adults with ADHD struggle with organization. For most, knowing what needs to be done isn’t the problem – it’s consistently doing it. This is why working with a professional organizer who has specialized training in working with adults with ADHD can offer new solutions to old organization problems. A professional organizer can help you establish systems tailored to your unique ADHD brain wiring.

As a professional organizer and ADDCA-trained, ICF-accredited ADHD coach, I’ve seen the difference that even a few organization and ADHD coaching sessions can bring. Most of my work with my clients involves gently encouraging them and supporting them to part with their clutter, an overwhelming prospect for many.


During the initial intake session my clients usually complain that they feel unfocused and distracted by the clutter; they feel stressed and weighed down but can’t seem to break the cycle. Clutter reminds them of the many projects they started and haven’t finished.  Clutter clogs their brains with unnecessary visual stimuli. Clutter makes them worry about hidden bills and missing documents. Clutter constantly reminds them that their work is never done.


During an ADHD-informed professional organization session, I help my clients set manageable goals based on their values, needs, strengths, and ADHD-related challenges. We consider solutions to organization problems that can be naturally integrated into their daily lives. Often, this process starts with deciding what belongings are worth keeping and what can be parted with. Though it sounds simple, sorting through things can be overwhelming and even emotionally taxing for adults with ADHD, so having a professional organizer there to help can make all the difference. One of my clients’ favorite assignments is: “How many garbage bags can you fill in the two hour session?” A few of my clients filled over 20 bags of trash and donations!  

Parting with your belongings can be difficult. A good professional organizer understands that and will help you celebrate every achievement, large or small.


The process of organizing with a professional who understands ADHD challenges can be reaffirming, invigorating, and restorative. My clients say that they love seeing their space transformed into a peaceful haven. Many say that new vistas have opened up for them once they have parted with their clutter, reporting that they feel empowered, liberated, and energized. This freedom and lightness has helped many of my clients actualize goals in other areas of their lives as well.

Clutter Challenge

Working with a professional organizer trained in helping adults with ADHD can provide support, guidance, and accountability to help you tackle the overwhelm of clutter and disorganization. With or without a professional organizer, though, I challenge you to spend two hours this week making space for yourself amidst your belongings.

What have you got to lose…except clutter?


Faigy Liebermann is a professional organizer and ADDCA-trained, ICF-accredited ADHD coach. She founded The Academy of Orthodox Jewish Professional Organizers, the first of its kind in the UK, and helps adults with ADHD lead more balanced lives.


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      • lindek128
      • March 26, 2019

      are the organizer coaches in Eugene that understand ADD

      • Valerie J. D.
      • March 3, 2019

      I am a 54yr old woman who struggles or is overwhelmed from disorganized chaos daily due to ADHD. I live in San Diego, CA alone and I need help greatly to save my sanity!

      • Carlos
      • November 4, 2018

      Hi I am Carlos and I am in the military and I manage admin, communications. I lack a lot of prioritization, and my office is a mess, to nicked extremely unorganized. I live in Kentucky.

      • MD
      • March 2, 2018

      I am also on a tight budget and I am in desperate need of an ADHD organizer and I coach. I just started grad school . Time management was always difficult for me in school, but it is a nightmare with kids, father-in-law to care for with dementia and a husband, Everyone but my father–in-law has ADHD. It is hard to find resources that are affordable.

      • Reply

        Hi there,

        I am a professional organizer and ADHD coach and I would love to help you out. I am based out of Boston but also work with clients virtually. Perhaps we can schedule a time to talk so I can learn more about your needs and we can discuss the ways in which I might be able to help you. My telephone is 978-875-0545 (if I don’t answer please leave a voicemail.) You can also reach me via email at

        I hope to hear from you!


      • jackie frank
      • November 28, 2017

      My daughter is adhd and needs help with organizing her home. She lives in Orlando fl…..are there any professional organizers in the area to help her. thanks

        • Terri Closs, Professional Organizer
        • January 1, 2018

        I happened to “trip across” your request to find an organizer for your daughter in Orlando. I don’t know if anyone replied to you so just in case I want to direct you to the NAPO organization (National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals) at There you will be able to find an organizer who specializes in working with individuals with ADHD. I wish you and your daughter the best of luck. Happy New Year!

          • Loraine Calderon
          • March 1, 2018

          Thank you so very much for the NAPO website info!

      • Deborah Babbit
      • April 16, 2017

      Is there help for people who also live on a very tight budget?

      • Kim Do
      • October 15, 2016

      I struggled with the same things. I can organized other people’s things except my owned things.

      • Yona Hawkins
      • March 12, 2016

      Just knowing there are people in the world out there like you who truly understand what it’s like to live with this disorder on a daily basis and helping us by FIRST UNDERSTANDING US AND WHY WE STRUGGLE with organization and clutter is a blessing. I live in Florida. Can you help me find a Professional Organizer who helps people like me? I am desperate. Thank you so much!!

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