Sudden Chaos: How Did We Get Here (and How Do We Deal?)

By Sue West You’re overwhelmed and you don’t know how you got to this point. Sudden chaos! The house is a mess. Your time is completely out of control. But you’re using the same systems you always have. To organize your days… your…
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Marcie’s Inspirational Story

By Annette Tabor As a longtime member of ADDA I’m often reminded of the many ways we support each other. By volunteering as a Co-Facilitator of our Easy Wellness Club Virtual Support Group and serving on ADDA’s Marketing Committee, I…
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Don’t Blame Ritalin for Tragedy

At the end of last week, we heard news that is all too common in recent times. An armed teenager went to his school and assassinated ten of his fellow classmates. Were this the end of the story, we would…
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Hello Brains!

By Patricia Schwab That is the greeting from YouTube sensation Jessica McCabe to address her fellow adult ADHD’rs. Jessica explains in her TED talk, “Failing at Normal – An ADHD Success Story”, that she uses that greeting to address us…
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Dr. Michelle Frank, ADDA Vice President

Press for Progress

The 2018 International Women’s Day campaign theme is Press for Progress. This morning I sat at my desk. Lost in ADHD morning fog, sipping tea (caffeinated, of course, caffeinated!) I wondered how best to give this day of celebration of…
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