Where Did ADHD Awareness Month Get Its Start?

Click here to see a full size scan of the original letter from the U.S. Senate creating ADHD Awareness Day.

History Buff?

Check Out The Original Senate Resolution Establishing ADHD Awareness Day. It’s been over 10 years since the U.S. Senate resolved to instate “ADHD Awareness Day.”

Since then, ADHD Awareness has grown from one day each year in 2004 to a full month, the month of October. ADDA joins the ADHDWarenessMonth.org coalition in celebrating ADHD Awareness Month every October with oodles of exciting events!

Every year, you can find an ADHD Awareness Month toolkit ready for you.

ADDA was part of a historic partnership of organizations who came together to promote ADHD Awareness Week: CHADD, ACO and ADDitude Magazine have collaborated to create the website ADHD Awareness Month, where you can find information about ADHD and links to the other organizations’ awareness activities. We encourage you to visit the site and use the materials in your community.

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