Who Are the ADDA Ambassadors?

ADDA helps adults with ADHD live better lives.  One of the most powerful ways we do that is by offering you the opportunity to connect, connect with other ADDA members, connect with people living with ADHD, connect with people who totally get you.

That’s what the ADDA Ambassadors are all about! The ADDA Ambassadors are a group of volunteer ADDA members who want to extend the truly life-changing experience of connecting beyond ADDA Conferences to a year-long sensation. They wanted to connect, and to help others stay connected, all year long.  The ADDA Ambassadors program reach out to all ADDA members by telephone.

Their mission: To provide hope, empowerment and a human connection to ADDA members.

ADDA Ambassadors share a common commitment to connect with other adults with ADHD. We are men and women who enjoy meeting and conversing with our peers. We bring that sense of connection – that feeling of being amongst your tribe- to every conversation with ADDA members.

Talk to an ADDA Ambassador

The ADDA Ambassadors program gives you your opportunity to connect with others just like you. Why is that connection so important? ADHD is a unique experience. As an adult with ADHD, you’re likely going through it with a lot less support than you’d like. When you connect, you find people with answers.  Or maybe you find people with the same questions you have, and you can search for the answers together.  Those connections give you hope.  You’re no longer alone in your struggle when you know people just like you who’ve solved the problems you’re facing.

Would you like a call from an ADDA Ambassador? Visit our Connection Page and request your call.

Would You Like to Be an Ambassador?

Become an Ambassador! We are looking for ADDA members who like to talk on the phone and are comfortable sharing and listening to the experiences of other adults with ADHD.

Click here to apply.