ADDAverse Open House: July 22 & 23

Don’t Miss the ADDAverse Open House!

Wait…What’s the ADDAverse? 

The ADDAverse is one small (but mighty) part of ADDA’s upcoming event- The 2022 ADHD Global Gathering. On July 22 and 23 we kick off the first ever real-time, 30-hour long, global ADHD event!

Taking place in all time zones, adults with ADHD from around the world will come together to SPARK new ideas, form new connections, and learn from one another. Using ADHD best practices, the event formatting is uniquely and specifically constructed for ADHD adults and resembles a blend between a conference, a workshop, a video game, and a fireside chat.

Those attending the 2022 ADHD Global Gathering will choose one of the three ”SPARK Tracks” (or ADHD topic tracks) where they learn, discuss, try, and apply the concepts to SPARK meaningful and impactful lifelong changes

Interested in joining a SPARK Session?

Okay, So, What’s the ADDAverse Open House? 

After the 2022 ADHD Global Gathering SPARK Sessions there are opportunities to connect with the greater global ADHD Community in the ADDAverse! We didn’t want to keep this space limited to only those that attend the event (It’s to awesome not to share!), so we’re opening it up to ALL ADDA MEMBERS FOR FREE!

The ADDAverse is a virtual platform that mimics a physical community. By use of an avatar, this networking hub will allow you to walk around, meetup, and connect with other ADDA Members in virtual areas such as parks, game halls, cafés, gardens, and pubs.  

When can I join the ADDAverse for free? 

The ADDAverse opens on Friday, July 22, 2022, at 5 PM Eastern and stays open for 30 hours.

  • Friday at 2 p.m. in Los Angeles
  • Friday 10 p.m. in London
  • Saturday at midnight (12 a.m.) in Nairobi
  • Saturday 5 Singapore
  • Friday at 5 p.m. in New York
  • Friday at 11 p.m. in Berlin
  • Saturday 1 a.m. in Abu Dhabi
  • Saturday at 7 a.m. in Sydney

How Do I connect to the ADDAverse? 

It’s easy! Simply click the link, create your avatar, and join the community!  

So, the ADDAverse is the cool place to hang out?…really? 

Yep! Totally! We aren’t kidding.  

What can you do in the ADDAverse?

Here’s just some of what’s happening in the ADDAverse starting July 22, 2022.

You’ll also find more ADHD resources, live support groups you can join, and other interactive activities. We have amazing guest speakers like Terry Matlen, René Brooks, Liz Lewis and more lined up.

What about networking? Yep! Absolutely. In the ADDAverse you’ll run into fellow adults with ADHD from around the globe.

What about activities? Yep 100%. We’ll be hosting pop-up events, Q&A’s with the SPARK speakers, representatives from different ADHD communities and much more!

What about connecting? Yep! Always. You (meaning your avatar) can chat, play games with other attendees, hop on a go-cart and scoot around the ADDAverse, drop into the bar for a round of pub trivia, or sit for a fire side bon(d)fire chat. You won’t want to miss it!

There’re people with ADHD in every corner of the world. Your next new best friend may be out there waiting in the ADDAverse 

  • Meet Monica Hassall, Australian ADHD Coach at Midnight Eastern, July 22. When is it where you live?
  • Join the ADHD Women’s Town Hall with the ADHD Women Trailblazers (Terry Matlen, Linda Roggli, Laurie Dupar and more), along with representatives of the new generation of women in ADHD, the BIPOC ADHD Women Trailblazers (Inger Shaye, Sudhita Kasturi and Victoria Novaro and more)  at 8:30 p.m. Eastern, July 23. When is it where you live? 

Can’t wait to see you there!  

Yes, I want to visit the

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