Leaders: Diane McLean & Melissa McDonald
Sessions: 60-75 minutes
2nd and 4th Mondays:  June 10 & 24, July 8 &, 22, August 12 & 26, September 9 & 23, October 14 &28, November 11 & 25, December 9

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Time: 8:30 pm ET/7:30 pm CT / 6:30 pm MT / 5:30 pm PT

ADDA is offering a support group for ADDA+ members who are creating and refining healthy eating, exercising, and sleep habits.

This is the club for you if you are building habits like:

  •   Getting regular Exercise
  •   Eating better consistently
  •   Getting a good night’s rest
  •   Sharing the journey with friends who are cheering you on

Eating well + getting plenty of sleep + exercising regularly =  Better ability to focus

We know the best motivator for those with ADHD is strong interest, aka fun. Starting a healthy habit doesn’t have to be hard.

Healthier habits can reduce ADHD symptoms like inattention, hyperactivity, and distractibility. Having regular routines helps you feel like life is more manageable.

The group will focus on proven strategies and provide support to achieve our wellness goals.

We can relate to the pitfalls and hurdles Adults with ADHD experience when it comes to starting and maintaining habits. We are right there with you.

Our paradigm:

  • Meetings are energizing and fun
  • Making connections that support you
  • No one way works for everyone

Join us on Monday evenings for ADDA’s Healthy Habits and the ADHD Brain Group – building wellness one step at a time.

At ADDA+, you’ll find everything you need to improve life with ADHD in so many ways. Come on in… to ADDA+.


Group Leader Information

Diane McLean – Bio

  • Diane McLean

    Diane McLean, MEd, PCC, is a certified ADHD and Life Coach and works with children, adolescents and adults in the area of executive functioning skills. Diane brings to coaching over 25 years of experience in the field of education, working as a teacher and school counselor at all grade levels. In 2006, Diane began integrating therapy dogs into her work in social/emotional learning, self-regulation, and executive functions training. Her current assistance dog partner, Digby, is a yellow Labrador Retriever who brings fun and excitement to Diane’s work. Diane received her master’s degree in Counseling and Student Services from the University of North Texas and coach training through the ADD Coach Academy. She has also received training in the areas of executive functioning skills, self-regulation, and social cognitive learning. Diane is credentialed through the International Coach Federation as a Professional Certified Coach. She founded Odyssey Learning LLC to help children, adolescents, and adults develop executive functioning skills such as planning, organization, time management, self-regulation, working memory, task initiation and completion, and social learning. From a strengths perspective, Diane helps individuals overcome barriers, achieve goals, and find success.
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  • Annette Tabor – bio
  • Annette Tabor

    My name is Annette Tabor. After graduating from Chatham College in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I moved to Florida with my husband. There we raised two daughters and we are now the proud grandparents of 3 grandchildren with one more on the way! Two years ago, I retired after teaching, a 40 year career. Now I am tutoring part time and enjoying my grandchildren the rest of the time!

    After I was diagnosed with ADHD late in life, I became a Volunteer Coordinator for CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder). I led a local group for over 20 years which offered support, education and advocacy for parents and ADHD adults. Now I am looking forward to Volunteering for ADDA. As an Adult with ADHD and an adult with Sleep Apnea I am relish the opportunity to sharing my knowledge of how Sleep issues correlate to ADHD.


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