Facilitators: Adam Weissman, Adam Magazine, Frankie Mansfield Berkoben, Luzita Francis & Daisy Bear 
60-75 minutes
2nd, 4th & 5th Thursdays at 8pm ET/ 7pm CT / 6pm MT /5pm PT
Dec 8 & 22, Jan 12 & 26, Feb 9 & 23, March 9, 23 & 30, April 13 & 27, May 11 & 25, June 8, 22 & 29

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People with above average intelligence are more difficult to diagnose for ADHD. As if being recognized as bright isn’t enough pressure to succeed, having ADHD can cause us to blame ourselves in unhealthy ways, causing further isolation.

So what do we need to succeed in the neurotypical world? Finding community support is the first step to improve daily life. Having a safe space to discuss and process our ADHD lives is what this group is all about.

We will provide trustworthy information, empathy, and friendship. If you have problems with procrastination, perfectionism, and time blindness, let’s share strategies and learn from each other.

Join us as we share our experiences, explore our strengths, and draw inspiration from each other.

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Group Leader Information

Frankie Mansfield Berkoben – BIO

  • Frankie Mansfield Berkoben

    I help brilliant ADHD adults become more emotionally resilient no matter what stage of the diagnosis process they’re at: self-advocating for a good-fit support team, navigating the post-diagnosis roller coaster, and building a life based on strengths not regrets.

    Former hats worn include PhD (and MBA) dropout, engineering consultant, EPA geologist, classical musician, rower and cyclist, D&I researcher and no-code software nerd.

    An ADHD coach and ADDCA graduate, I also co-lead ADDA’s HighIQ Virtual Peer Support Group and volunteer with the ADHD Coaches Organization (ACO) and the Professional Association of ADHD Coaches (PAAC).

    Projects in the works include: an algorithm-matching ADHD professional directory, podcast interviews, workgroups on building an ADHD-friendly support team and ADHD-women-in-tech-specific offerings.

    Connect with me at or IG: @adhdperfectionist

    I’m based in the SF Bay Area.


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