6 Sessions, Wednesdays
Sessions: 60 minutes
Time: 7pm eastern/6pm central/5pm mtn./4pm pacific
Dates: TBA


This group was so successful last year that we brought it back by popular demand.

ADDA is offering a support program for people with ADHD who are seeking employment.

We welcome you:

  • Recent graduates looking to land that first job.
  • Unemployed and looking for a permanent position.
  • Employed and wanting a career change/new job.

Job Seekers Club is presented by ADDA Board member and retired state vocational rehabilitation counselor, Frank Potter. In this series Frank will share proven strategies and information he has gathered from three decades of working with people with disabilities and employers in the job match process. Frank has ADHD himself so he understands the pitfalls and hurdles ADDers have when it comes to finding and landing a job.

Frank says, “There are a tremendous number of variables that are involved in the job obtaining process. Yet, it is often just 1 or 2 new ideas for the job seeker that will result in their getting the job they wanted.”

Frank Potter brings time tested insights and knowledge on:

    • Job readiness
    • Resumes & applications
    • Interviewing & how to handle problem questions

Because Frank has such a depth of knowledge in this arena he will provide participants with additional resources, including his guide for gaining employment.

His research found that on average it takes sending 200 resumes to get an interview —with our creativity and other ADHD traits we can do better than that together!

Join us on Wednesday evenings for ADDA’s Job Seekers Club.

Group Leader Information

Frank Potter – bio

  • Frank Potter

    Frank-PotterFrank Potter is a retired state vocational rehabilitation counselor in Iowa. After a son was diagnosed with ADHD as a junior in high school, Frank realized he had ADHD also. Since his son’s diagnosis, Frank has studied ADHD and given lectures on it including at ADDA conferences.

    Frank has served on the ADHD Justice Committee that published a highly-anticipated white paper on the positive outcomes of the ADHD Corrections Project, largely sponsored by ADDA.

    Frank has particular interests in ADHD in education, workplace issues, and corrections. In his employment, Frank worked closely with high school and college students, and helped people with ADHD find employment and succeed in the workplace.

    Like many people with ADHD, Frank has a myriad of interests including fly fishing (started a club), opera, soccer coaching (produced training DVD for youth coaches), tuck-pointing and history. He has completed a draft of book about a 19th century couple who were Transcendentalists in Iowa. Frank holds a master’s degree from the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

  • Anne Marie Nantais – Bio
  • Anne Marie Nantais, B.A.(Hons.), B.Ed., AAC, ACC – ADHD and Beyond: Coaching, Consulting, Speaking

    A-M_Nantais.jpgI wasn’t diagnosed with ADHD until well after university, but I definitely struggled with its symptoms during my years as a student.  I was locked in a cycle of getting overwhelmed with large projects, not knowing where or how to start, procrastinating, then pulling all-nighters to study for exams and get papers done by the deadline (and often after).  I’d then collapse from exhaustion, then start the cycle all over again.  Sound familiar?

    With my diagnosis came the realization that these behaviors were rooted in not knowing how my brain worked differently and were NOT due to laziness or a lack of willpower or smarts.  I began learning more about ADHD, my own particular brain wiring, and ways to work WITH my brain to create success.  I love working with college students to help them uncover their own path to successful living with ADHD.

    I bring both personal and professional experience to this group: I was a classroom and Special Education teacher for 19 years at the elementary and secondary levels.  Using that background as a springboard, I launched into training with the ADD Coach Academy (ADDCA), and am a proud graduate (AAC), and a certified coach (ACC) through the International Coach Federation.

    I’m thrilled to join the ADDA College Peer Support Group to create a space where students can meet others with similar experiences, know they are not alone, and share and learn strategies together.  ADDA, its members and its programs, have been a great help to me over the years, and I’m happy to have this opportunity to keep paying it forward!