Career & Job Seeking Strategies: Lynn Miner-Rosen, ADHD Career Coach
Sessions: 60 – 90 minutes
Time: 7pm eastern/ 6pm central/ 5pm mountain/ 4pm pacific
Mondays: Summer/Fall 2021 Dates Coming Soon

ADHD Support & Accountability Team: Julie Kliers & Randa Fedorchuk, ADHD Coaches
60 – 90 minutes
4pm eastern/ 3pm central/ 2pm mountain/ 1pm pacific
Sundays: Spring/Summer 2021 Dates Coming Soon

Coworking & Mock Interview Sessions: Adam Magazine
60 – 90 minutes
7pm eastern/ 6pm central/ 5pm mountain/ 4pm pacific
Tuesdays: Spring/Summer 2021 Dates Coming Soon

We will be using the breakout rooms feature in ZOOM to accommodate both coworking and practicing for interviewing.

ADDA’s JOB SEEKERS CLUB is back by popular demand,
with all the support you asked for.

This is an intensive program for ADDA members who are seeking employment.

We welcome:

  • Recent graduates looking to land their first job.
  • Unemployed people looking for a permanent position.
  • Employed people wanting a new job or career change.
  • Anyone willing to commit the time and effort to improve their careers.

ADDA’s Job Seekers Club is presented by a team of committed volunteers led by ADHD Career Coach Lynn Miner-Rosen.

We will share proven strategies and trustworthy information gathered from years of working with ADHDers in the arena of career development and job seeking.

The Job Seekers Club Team provides the instruction, encouragement and support you need to improve your self-confidence and open your mind to all types of possibilities.

Join us for:

  • Support for ADHD challenges on Sunday afternoons,
  • Trustworthy Career and Job Seeking Strategies for ADHDers on Monday evenings,
  • Facilitated Coworking & Mock Interview sessions on Tuesday evenings

Group Leader Information

Lynn Miner-Rosen – BIO

  • Lynn Miner-Rosen, M.Ed., ACC, CDCS

    Lynn Miner-RosenLynn Miner-Rosen, M.Ed., ACC, CDCS is the founder of LMR Coaching and the creator of the ADHD JOB SQUAD™ where she provides coaching, instruction, and support to college students and adults with (and without) ADD, ADHD, Executive Functioning Deficits and Learning Differences worldwide. She is a leading expert on ADHD career coaching and is an ICF Credentialed and Board Certified Career Development Coach, ADD/ADHD Coach, Executive Function Coach and Life Coach.

    Like you she’s learned to manage the demands of her life and career while navigating symptoms of ADHD. For most of her life she didn’t know why it was difficult for her to sit still, to not interrupt, or why she became bored easily. She didn’t even know she had ADHD until she heard a talk on understanding girls with ADHD and realized that she matched the description.

    She knows from personal experience that the career development and job search process can be confusing, overwhelming, and just plain stressful.

    To Learn more about the ADHD JOB SQUAD™

  • Julie Kliers – BIO
  • Julie Kliers

    Julie KliersJulie Kliers is an ADDCA-Trained Certified ADHD coach who partners with families, adults, and children of all ages to help them understand their brain-wiring and how to manage ADHD life’s challenges. Growing up, Julie always struggled with feeling overwhelmed and disorganized. Everything seemed so much harder for her to accomplish, and she couldn’t understand why. Both of her sons were diagnosed with ADHD, and at that time it became clear to her that she shared their diagnosis. In spite of her late diagnosis, she was determined to learn about her brain and how she could enable herself to accomplish her goals. Julie’s journey of self-awareness and personal transformation made it evident she could help many others realize their passions, and maximize their true potential; just as she had.

    With an attentive curiosity, Julie listens for what is meaningful to clients, such as their goals, aspirations, and who they want to be. She guides them to excavate their character strengths, uniqueness, and derive energy from their “buried treasures”. Through discovering the positive aspects of who they are, they explore alternative ways for thinking and identify new strategies to accomplish goals. With increased self-awareness and new action steps, clients begin to shift away from a negative lens to one of a growth mindset. One of the very best parts of coaching for Julie is witnessing the change from struggle to success and watching people learn about their amazing strengths that launch them forward in their lives.

    Julie volunteers her time to ADDA, as an ADHD Coach for their “Job-Seekers Club” productivity group. She also serves on the board of CHADD of Nassau County, providing support and resources for individuals with ADHD challenges.

    Please visit Julie at


  • Randa Fedorchuk – BIO

  • Randa Fedorchuk, ADHD Coach

    Randa Fedorchuk

    I’m an ADHD coach with ADHD. I received my training through ADDCA and am working towards my ICF certification. My goal is to help others, like myself, understand themselves and their ADHD. This can enable you to advocate for yourself and/or loved ones with ADHD and see the amazing parts of ADHD. This empowers us all and helps eliminate the stigma and ignorance that surrounds ADHD.

    I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 7. I started university much later then all my friends, and things didn’t work out the way I thought they would. Upon self-reflection I realized the reason was not only the school not understanding ADHD well enough, but that I didn’t understand myself well enough and have the confidence to advocate for myself. This led me to become an ADHD coach. I want to help others gain understanding and confidence. The whole experience made me want to educate everyone, people with ADHD and people with-out. Parents, teachers, employers, everyone!

    I hope I can help you in your ADHD journey! And if you’re interested in tips, facts, or just things to remind you that you’re not alone, follow me, Secret Society of ADHD, on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.