Free Training To Get More Out of ADDA’s Own Mobile App

We love technology. The mobile revolution has empowered adults with ADHD with apps helping to keep us on track, on task and on time. When ADDA considered working with Self Care Catalysts to develop our own mobile app, we didn’t want to create one more “productivity app.” ADDA Health Storylines is unique.

So How’s That Working for You?

One of the things that makes adult ADHD so difficult to identify, diagnose and treat is that we, the people living with the condition, are notoriously self-unaware. In fact, ADHD is one of the rare conditions where testing involves questioning the people who live with you, because they are often more reliable witnesses of your behavior than you are!

When working with professionals, whether it’s your doctor adjusting your medication or your coach working with you to discover which strategies are most effective for you, the question we dread hearing is, “So, how’s it working?” We often don’t know how it’s working. We weren’t paying attention!

ADDA Health Storylines Is Unique

That’s why the ADDA Health Storylines app is so amazing. You use “My Storylines” on your ADDA Health Storylines app to gain insights into every aspect of your ADHD. The ADDA Health Storylines self-care app lets you build and see your “story” on the My Storylines feature so that you can gain insights on different aspects of your self-care activities, and easily share and discuss them with your care team and circle of support.

ADDA’s Health Storylines app helps you quickly and seamlessly track your routines, moods, symptoms and more as they happen. Then, when you want an answer to, “So, how’s it working?” you can share a summary of all your inputs on My Storylines. It helps you inform your care team how you’ve been doing between visits, so they can help you better manage your ADHD.

Collect Your Clues, Solve the Mystery of Your ADHD

This app is so much more powerful than another “to do list”, “calendar” or “timer” app. It helps you collect and manage all the little observations that are essential clues in an effective treatment of ADHD, the clues that are often lost as quickly as they are observed because of our struggles with attention, working memory, planning, organization and more. Not only does the app help you collect the clues and organize them, it allows you to share them with the people who need to know right from within the app!

Here’s what one ADDA Health Storylines user had to say:

“At the beginning I used the Daily Mood tracker because it really helped me to get a sense of how I am doing on a daily basis and not feel overwhelmed. Then, I started to use the Routine Builder. I like the way I can put in a routine that I want to create, it reminds me and I can keep track of how well I am doing keeping up with my routine through the history graphic. My Storylines which summarizes all of my inputs would be valuable to take to my doctor as it is concise enough to make sense of things.”

Susan, ADDA member and independent blogger

The more you learn about the ADDA Health Storylines app features, the more you’ll discover you’ll never get the full benefits of this powerful app without training. That’s why ADDA held a free Webinar, explaining how to get the most benefit from the ADDA Health Storylines app for both you and your team of care professionals. Now, you can listen to the recording anytime!

Listen to the Recording, and Share It Often

Share this with your support team, your coach, your doctor, your family. They want what’s best for you and the more connections you have, the more you benefit from ADDA Health Storylines.

You should even invite your support group members. You’re doing them a favor. Everyone’s health story is important. Capturing and seeing your own health story is invaluable to help individuals with ADHD make informed decisions about their health.

ADDA’s mission is to provide hope, empowerment and connections worldwide by bringing together science and the human experience for both adults with ADHD and professionals who serve them. ADDA Health Storylines does just that.