ADDA Gets a Makeover

The ADDA Insider got a brand new look today, and in case you hadn’t noticed, it goes wonderfully with the new look of the ADDA Web site!

Over the past few months, ADDA volunteers have been working behind the scenes to roll out a new Web site that is cleaner and easier to navigate (not to mention bright and cheery!) The goal is to create a Web site that helps ADDA “serve, empower, and connect” ADHD adults, all part of ADDA’s mission to help adults with ADHD live better lives. The new Web site gives ADDA more freedom to add updates and adapt to the needs of our members, ADHD adults. The new design will make it easier for visitors to find and access the information and resources they need and can trust, and enable users to connect with others in the ADHD community.

It’s All About You

ADDA has returned to its roots by turning its focus back to connecting and empowering the adult ADHD community. As Duane Gordon, Communications Committee Chair, explained, ADDA is refocusing on providing hope and connection within the ADDA community.

In keeping with this mission, the new Web design focuses on providing easier access to exciting new programs such as ADDA’s Ambassadors and Virtual Support Groups. The Web site also includes new features, such as the Community Calendar and an ADHD Starter Kit for newly diagnosed adults.

More new content and features will be added in coming months as the organization boosts efforts to serve the ADHD community in novel and creative ways.

Coming Soon

While the new Web site is up and running, it is still under construction.  Keep checking back as we continue to add new pages, features, and information.  New features will include a community calendar to keep you updated on ADHD-related events, an ADHD Starter Kit, and more information geared toward newly diagnosed adults.  Also, be on the lookout for the new ADDA mobile app that we’ll be rolling out in May. (Watch for the press release on April 30!)

This Is Your Web Site

This new ADDA Web site is YOUR website, and we want your feedback. What features and information would you like to see on ADDA’s website? Email your comments and suggestions to Even better, how would you like to create something new for the Web site? We always need volunteers who want to make things happen!

Ally Martin is an ADHD Coach in Hilton Head, South Carolina.  She helps people bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be.  Using a strengths-based approach, she can help you identify your goals, overcome obstacles, and create strategies to minimize ADHD symptoms.  Visit her website


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