ADDA Board of Directors

Duane Gordon, President

Michelle Frank, PsyD, Vice President and Communications Committee Chair

Melissa Reskof, Secretary and Community Outreach Committee Chair

Jeffrey Druce, Treasurer and Finance Committee Chair

Keith Griffin, Technology Committee Chair

Ally Martin, ADHD Awareness Coalition Representative

Michael B. Cimino, ADDA Marketing Chair, ADHD International Conference Marketing Director

Lisa Osachy, PsyD, College Committee Chair

Frank Potter

Renee Sanger-Albert, J.D.

Duane Gordon, President

Duane-Gordon-Web-150x200Duane was born in 1962 in New Brunswick, Canada. He travelled the world before settling in Montreal, Canada. He married Linda Walker in 1984 and is the father of two daughters, one of whom has ADHD.

Duane was diagnosed as an adult with ADHD following his own daughter’s diagnosis. Duane has worked in the ADHD community for more than 20 years. He is a founding member of the Montreal Adult ADD Support Group, in operation since 1998. He joined ADDA’s Communication team in 2005. He volunteered as a writer, and later edited the newsletter. In 2011, Duane joined the ADDA Board as Chair of the Communication Committee. the Board elected him president in 2016.

Duane knows the devastating impact of untreated adult ADHD. Despite his struggles with ADHD, he earned his business degree from the Collège Militaire Royal, veered into high technology, first as a programmer, later a teacher and finally rose to the executive level in high technology consulting.

Through it all, Duane’s childhood dream never wavered; he would be an artist. As he took control of his ADHD, he gave himself permission to pursue his art. It was only then he was able to unleash the creativity that helped him succeed in all areas of his life.

Duane is tireless in building awareness of adult ADHD. With awareness and knowledge comes hope. Duane dedicates much of his time to ADDA and to mentoring other adults with ADHD.

Michelle Frank, PsyD, Vice President

Michelle-FrankDr. Michelle Frank is a clinical psychologist specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of adults with ADHD. She has extensive training in diagnostic assessment and testing as well as individual and family therapy. Dr. Frank takes an empowering and strengths based approach to help her clients live fully and successfully with their unique set of strengths and challenges. She currently works in private practice as an associate of Sari Solden, MS, LMFT, LPC, in Ann Arbor Michigan at Sari Solden & Associates where she providing psychotherapy and consultation services to adults with ADHD. Dr. Frank is a writer, speaker, and advocate for the empowerment of individuals with differences such as ADHD.

Prior to working with Sari Solden, Dr. Frank developed and implemented an ADHD assessment and treatment program in Chicago where she conducted psychological, neuropsychological, and psychoeducational testing for children, teens, and adults, in addition to providing therapy and consultation.

Dr. Frank is devoted to the work of ADDA because she believes deeply in the organization’s mission and can say, without a doubt, that ADDA changed her life.

Melissa Reskof, Secretary and Community Outreach Committee Chair

Melissa Reskof-close-upMelissa Reskof spent her formative years in a New Jersey shore town, attended Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts with a focus on Mass Communications and, for the last decade, has resided in Venice, California. She is a project manager for the Los Angeles non-profit organization, Junior Blind of America.

Her interest in ADDA began with her husband, Doug Snyder, being diagnosed with ADHD in his mid-forties. Together, Melissa and Doug attended their first ADDA conference in Detroit in 2013. While ADDA Conferences are known for their family-homecoming atmosphere, at this event, Melissa met a fellow attendee who had not met anyone and still felt alone. Melissa was moved to create the ADDA Ambassadors, a team of volunteers who meet and greet attendees at ADDA conferences as well as do outreach telephone calls to ADDA members to maintain that feeling of connection ADDA is known for between conferences.

The ADDA Ambassadors outreach efforts have been enhanced by the creation in 2015 of the ADDA Virtual Peer Support Group program. ADDA’s Virtual Peer Support Groups are entirely volunteer-driven and topics are suggested by participants. Following a successful pilot program with twice-monthly meetings, the Groups became a permanent fixture at ADDA with support groups meeting weekly.

Melissa has a deep commitment to helping adults with ADHD live better lives by connecting and sharing with their peers.

Jeffrey Druce, Treasurer

Jeffrey Druce has been an ADDA member and served on ADDA’s Finance Committee since 2011. Jeff became ADDA’s Treasurer in June 2014 and continues to keep a tight rein on ADDA’s finances.

Jeff was born in 1954, has over 20 years of experience in commercial bank lending, operations and management, and currently holds the position of Vice President at Metro Bank in Reading, PA.

Jeff has a BA from Millersville University and an MBA from Shippensburg University.

Jeff currently lives in Lancaster, PA with his wife, Jane.

Keith Griffin, Technology Committee Chair

Keith Griffin, ACC is an ICF credentialed ADHD Coach and advocate of thriving with ADHD by focusing on one’s strengths. Keith received his training through both The ADD Coach Academy and JST Coaching & Training. He works with clients worldwide by phone/video, and in person in the Atlanta metro area. In addition to serving on our Board of Directors, he co-leads ADDA’s ADHD + LGBT+ / Poly Adults Peer Support Group.

Find out more about Keith through his profile on our Professionals Directory.

Ally Martin, ADHD Awareness Coalition Representative

Ally Martin is an ADHD life coach and founder of Attention Solutions where she works with adolescents and adults to overcome ADHD-related obstacles and create strategies for success. Ally’s journey with ADHD started in the same way as many others. Throughout her life, she knew she was struggling, but she didn’t know why until her oldest daughter started displaying symptoms of ADHD. As she started researching it, she realized that not only did her daughter fit the description, so did she.

It wasn’t long before Ally realized that there was a serious lack of support for people with ADHD in her area. She was left to do the research on her own, and she spent years of trial and error attempts to overcome ADHD-related obstacles. Not wanting anyone else to struggle the way she and her daughter did, Ally vowed to help others with ADHD.

Ally is continuing with her mission to help others with ADHD through coaching and her involvement with ADDA.

Michael B. Cimino, ADDA Marketing Chair

Michael B. Cimino is an entrepreneur, experienced sales management practitioner and marketing director. Since 2009, he has helped organizations generate new revenues exceeding $15MM. Michael serves as the Marketing Director for Attention Deficit Disorder Association. Michael also leads the marketing effort for the 2018 International Conference on ADHD. He also serves as Chairperson for the CHADD/ADDA Joint Conference Committee. Michael is also a volunteer for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

As an adult with ADHD, Michael has a personal attachment to our mission at ADDA, and the ADHD community. Michael has dedicated himself to his personal development and learning about his ADHD. His journey empowers his commitment to educate and empower individuals living with ADHD. He uses his creativity to promote mental health awareness and compassion.

Michael has held senior sales, marketing and management positions with distributors and manufacturers. He also founded CimCity Promotions, Inc., an event and entertainment promotions company.
Michael holds certificates from the Wharton School of Business in Business Administration, Marketing, Management, Operations and Finance. He also holds a certificate from Harvard Business School’s Program on Negotiation. Michael also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from West Chester University of Pennsylvania.

Lisa Osachy, PsyD, College Committee Chair

Dr. Lisa Osachy is a clinical psychologist, Associate Professor and Director of the Student Counseling Center at Slippery Rock University. She loves working with college students because of their enthusiasm and openness to change at this important time of transition in their lives.

Lisa has worked and trained in the university Counseling Centers at Carlow, Carnegie Mellon, Clarion, Stanford, University of CA-Davis, and Indiana University of PA. In her former private practice, she specialized in working with college students with ADHD, multicultural issues, chronic illness, sexuality, LGBT issues and trauma.

As ADDA’s College Committee Chair, Dr. Osachy hopes to raise awareness about how ADHD may affect young adults, and empower them to use their strengths to achieve their dreams.

Frank Potter

Frank-PotterFrank Potter is a retired state vocational rehabilitation counselor in Iowa. After a son was diagnosed with ADHD as a junior in high school, Frank realized he had ADHD also. Since his son’s diagnosis, Frank has studied ADHD and given lectures on it including at ADDA conferences.

Frank has served on the ADHD Justice Committee that published a highly-anticipated white paper on the positive outcomes of the ADHD Corrections Project, largely sponsored by ADDA.

Frank has particular interests in ADHD in education, workplace issues, and corrections. In his employment, Frank worked closely with high school and college students, and helped people with ADHD find employment and succeed in the workplace.

Like many people with ADHD, Frank has a myriad of interests including fly fishing (started a club), opera, soccer coaching (produced training DVD for youth coaches), tuck-pointing and history. He has completed a draft of book about a 19th century couple who were Transcendentalists in Iowa. Frank holds a master’s degree from the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

Renee Sanger-Albert, J.D.

Renee Sanger-AlbertRenee Sanger-Albert is a licensed attorney and graduate level trained in Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT).

The realization of her own ADD came shortly after her oldest daughter’s diagnoses of Twice Exceptional/2E/ADD in 2016.

Renee is committed to helping spread awareness in the community, from schools to workplaces, for the need of more trained professionals in the ADD field and in helping to change the paradigm through which ADD is perceived by the public, by highlighting the gifts and brilliance often seen in ADD adults and children and the unique contributions and perspectives ADD people can offer to society.

Renee lives in Boulder, Colorado, has two little girls, and loves to read, write and hike in the Rockies, in her spare time. She is also a certified yoga instructor. If you don’t see her out, she can likely be found on her mat, usually upside down.