We invite you to meet the Board of Directors of the Attention Deficit Disorder Association.

The ADDA Board of Directors is a dedicated team. They are passionate about helping adults with ADHD live better lives. They do the work, build the team and lead the charge. This demands energy and enthusiasm. Many (most) are adults with ADHD themselves, and they have succeeded with the help of those who went before. Now they are paying it forward by creating an organization that will help you lead a better life.

Adults with ADHD need support, leadership and inspiration. Your Board is your leadership team. Your Board members create the space where your projects can come to fruition. You can meet your Board members by clicking on the links below.

Duane Gordon, President

Melissa Reskof, Secretary and Community Outreach Committee Chair

Keith Griffin, PCAC, ACC, Treasurer and Finance Committee Chair

Michelle Frank, PsyD

Annette Tabor, Education Committee Chair

Renee Crook, ACG, Virtual Support Group Chair

Erik Anderson, Workplace Committee Chair

Kylie Barron, Marketing Chair and ADDA Achieves Leader

Michelle Price, ADHD Awareness Coalition Representative

Romanza McAllister, LCSW

Michael Musa Phillips, Esq