ADDA Board of Directors

Duane Gordon, President

Michelle Frank, PsyD, Vice President and Communications Committee Chair

Melissa Reskof, Secretary and Community Outreach Committee Chair

Jeffrey Druce, Treasurer and Finance Committee Chair

Linda Walker, Workplace Issues Committee Chair

Caroline Maguire, Revenue Generation Committee Chair

Kari Miller, PhD, College Committee Chair, Job Seekers’ Club Facilitator

Evelyn Polk Green, Past President

Linda Roggli, Webinar Workgroup Lead

Keith Griffin, Technology Committee Chair

Douglas Harris, ADHD Awareness Coalition Representative

Ally Martin, ADHD Awareness Coalition Representative

Frank Potter

Shaun Roney, Social Media Committee Chair

Duane Gordon, President

Born in 1962 in New Brunswick, Canada, Duane Gordon traveled widely before finally settling in Montreal, Canada. He married Linda Walker in 1984 and is the father of two daughters, one of whom has ADHD.

Duane, an adult with ADHD, has been involved in the ADHD community for more than 15 years. He is a founding member of the Montreal Adult ADD Support Group, a group in continuous operation since 1998, and he joined ADDA’s Communication team in 2005, volunteering as a writer, and later taking on the role of newsletter editor.

In 2011, Duane became the ADDA Communication Committee Chair to continue his efforts to enable people’s full self-expression. It’s a challenge for anyone to find their “voice,” and ADHD can make the obstacle seem insurmountable. Duane’s own experience, and the struggles of many of his fellow adults with ADHD, convinced him we all have a story to tell, a contribution to make, and the world would be a much better place if we all had the opportunity to express our unique gift.

Despite his own struggles with ADHD, Duane’s childhood dream never wavered; he would be an artist. Life imposed detours; he earned his business degree from the Collège Militaire Royal, veered into high technology, first as a programmer, later a teacher and finally rising to the executive level in high technology consulting.

However, in 2007 he determined to “take back his life,” pursuing his art career with the same drive and passion that brought success in other fields. Today, Duane lives in Montreal where he pursues his art, continues to consult in high technology and works to create opportunities for people to be fully expressed.

Michelle Frank, PsyD, Vice President and Communications Committee Chair

Dr. Michelle Frank is a clinical psychologist specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of adults with ADHD. She has extensive training in diagnostic assessment and testing as well as individual and family therapy. Dr. Frank takes an empowering and strengths based approach to help her clients live fully and successfully with their unique set of strengths and challenges. She currently works in private practice as an associate of Sari Solden, MS, LMFT, LPC, in Ann Arbor Michigan at Sari Solden & Associates where she providing psychotherapy and consultation services to adults with ADHD. Dr. Frank is a writer, speaker, and advocate for the empowerment of individuals with differences such as ADHD.

Prior to working with Sari Solden, Dr. Frank developed and implemented an ADHD assessment and treatment program in Chicago where she conducted psychological, neuropsychological, and psychoeducational testing for children, teens, and adults, in addition to providing therapy and consultation. In addition to serving on the ADDA Board, Dr. Frank serves on ADDA’s Communications Committee and is the Editor of the ADDA newsletter.

Dr. Frank is devoted to the work of ADDA because she believes deeply in the organization’s mission and can say, without a doubt, that ADDA changed her life.

Melissa Reskof, Secretary and Community Outreach Committee Chair

Melissa Reskof spent her formative years in a New Jersey shore town, attended Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts with a focus on Mass Communications and, for the last decade, has resided in Venice, California. She is a project manager for the Los Angeles non-profit organization, Junior Blind of America.

Her interest in ADDA began with her husband, Doug Snyder, being diagnosed with ADHD in his mid-forties. Together, Melissa and Doug attended their first ADDA conference in Detroit in 2013. While ADDA Conferences are known for their family-homecoming atmosphere, at this event, Melissa met a fellow attendee who had not met anyone and still felt alone. Melissa was moved to create the ADDA Ambassadors, a team of volunteers who meet and greet attendees at ADDA conferences as well as do outreach telephone calls to ADDA members to maintain that feeling of connection ADDA is known for between conferences.

The ADDA Ambassadors outreach efforts have been enhanced by the creation in 2015 of the ADDA Virtual Peer Support Group program. ADDA’s Virtual Peer Support Groups are entirely volunteer-driven and topics are suggested by participants. Following a successful pilot program with twice-monthly meetings, the Groups became a permanent fixture at ADDA with support groups meeting weekly.

Melissa has a deep commitment to helping adults with ADHD live better lives by connecting and sharing with their peers.

Jeffrey Druce, Treasurer

Jeffrey Druce has been an ADDA member and served on ADDA’s Finance Committee since 2011. Jeff became ADDA’s Treasurer in June 2014 and continues to keep a tight rein on ADDA’s finances.

Jeff was born in 1954, has over 20 years of experience in commercial bank lending, operations and management, and currently holds the position of Vice President at Metro Bank in Reading, PA.

Jeff has a BA from Millersville University and an MBA from Shippensburg University.

Jeff currently lives in Lancaster, PA with his wife, Jane.

Linda Walker, Workplace Committee Chair

Linda Walker is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation and a graduate of the ADD Coach Academy. Since 2005, she has been providing specialized ADHD coaching and training to English- and French-speaking entrepreneurs, professionals, adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), and other creative geniuses who struggle with productivity, organization, and focus. Linda is the author of With Time to Spare: The Ultimate Guide to Peak Performance for Entrepreneurs, Adults with ADHD and other Creative Geniuses and the creator of numerous ADHD training programs to empower adults with ADHD to dramatically improve their productivity at work, while simultaneously creating a healthy work-life balance enabling them to engage in activities that make their hearts sing, activities they could only dreamed of pursuing, or that they had set aside because their daily struggle with ADHD left them too exhausted to pursue.

Linda is an advocate for ADHD awareness and has been campaigning in Canada to sensitize businesses of the value of investing in helping their employees with ADHD. She is the Chairperson of ADDA’s Workplace Issues Committee, and also serves as a consultant to the US Partnership on Employment and Accessible Technology, a resource that facilitates and promotes the use of accessible technology in hiring, employment, retention and career advancement of individuals with disabilities.


Caroline Maguire, Revenue Generation Committee Chair

Caroline Maguire, ACCG, PCC, M.Ed. is a personal coach who works with children with ADHD and the families who support them. Caroline earned her ACCG from the ADD Coach Academy and her PCC from the International Coach Federation (ICF). She also received a Master of Education from Lesley University. Her revolutionary coaching program and methodology helps teach executive function skills to children, teenagers, and young adults.

In addition to her private practice, New England Coaching Services, Caroline also speaks at various venues throughout the world on topics related to coaching children and young adults with ADD, ADHD, LD, or social skills challenges.

  • As a CHADD certified parent-to-parent coach, she offers training classes on parenting ADHD children.
  • As a teleclass leader at the ADD Coach Academy, she mentors future coaches attempting to pass their ICF certifications and helps them build their family coaching practices.

Caroline received her undergraduate degree from Trinity College and has a Master of Education in Early Childhood Development from Lesley University, where she spent four years studying the effects of executive function skills training on children with social skills deficits. Her research culminated in a master’s thesis entitled “Why Will No One Play With Me?” a guidebook for parents to learn to become their children’s play date coaches. This handbook helps parents learn about and address social skills issues associated with ADD, ADHD, LD, or other social challenges.

Caroline is a former coach for the Hallowell Center in Sudbury, MA. While with the Hallowell Center, Caroline was the main coach for children and teenagers. Caroline also co-led social skills groups and consulted with local schools.

She lives with her husband and two children in Concord, MA. Caroline is originally from Cape Cod, where she still enjoys spending long summer days with her happily hyperactive cousins and family members.

Kari Miller, PhD, College Committee Chair, Job Seekers’ Club Facilitator

Dr. Kari Miller, PhD, BCET is a board certified educational therapist who has been educating and coaching adults and young people who have ADHD, autism, learning disabilities, emotional challenges, and other complex needs for more than thirty years.

Dr. Miller holds a PhD in educational psychology and mathematical statistics, an MEd in Learning Disabilities, Gifted Education and Educational Diagnosis, and a BS in Early Childhood Education and Behavior Disorders.

As an instructor for the University of California Riverside Extension, she teaches professionals from fields such as special education, speech pathology, and counseling how to develop and implement individualized treatment plans for learners with complicated needs arising from conditions such as ADHD, learning disabilities, and autism.

In addition to providing educational therapy and ADHD coaching services to her clients, she has worked in the special education and statistical research fields as a resource room teacher, student-teacher supervisor, university instructor, testing analyst, research consultant, and grant administrator.

Besides serving on ADDA’s board of directors, Dr. Miller is the Chair of ADDA’s College Committee and Facilitator of ADDA’s Job Seekers’ Club.

She is also a committee advisor for Foundation ThinkAgain, a non-profit organization that provides rehabilitation therapies to children who continue to suffer due to the neuro-cognitive late-effects of cancer and cancer treatment.

She is a member of AET (Association of Educational Therapists), CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder), and IDA (International Dyslexia Association).

Dr. Miller provides support across the lifespan – to school-aged students with learning and attention challenges, to young adults in transition to college or the workplace, and to individuals with ADHD who have passionate dreams, but are frustrated by procrastination, lack of focus and difficulty following through.

Her specialties include ADHD coaching, executive skill development, memory training, dyslexia and literacy remediation, and math instruction.

Dr. Miller was sidelined by a catastrophic illness when she was 29 years of age. For the first five years of her illness, she couldn’t even leave her house except to go to the doctor’s office. It was a full ten years before she recovered her health enough to go back to college and complete her education.

Surviving this decade – and thriving afterwards – taught Dr. Miller firsthand about the power of strategically leveraging your personal strengths into productive action!

When she’s not working with clients, creating ADHD and educational therapy training programs, or feeding the squirrels in the park, she’s completing cryptic crosswords or jigsaw puzzles with her husband of 35 years, Joel, and their two purr-fect felines, Midnight and Sugar Pie! Oh, and if she’s lucky – indulging in her jewelry-making hobby or playing match-3 games on her tablet!

Evelyn Polk Green, Past President

Evelyn’s mission is to raise awareness and reduce the stigma associated with mental health issues, particularly in urban, poor and minority communities. Evelyn is an adult with ADHD and the mother of two sons, Perry and Robert, both of whom are also diagnosed with ADHD. She is a leader for the ADHD Allies Adult ADHD Facebook community and a member of the Network on Children’s Mental Health Services funded by the Macarthur Foundation. She also serves as an advisory board member and consultant on a number of mental health research and service initiatives.

Active in ADHD and mental health advocacy for over 15 years, Evelyn is also past president of the CHADD National Board of Directors. She is the recipient of several honors for her volunteer work in mental health. Most recently, Beacon College honored Ms. Green with the Achieving Lifetime Vision and Excellence Award for her advocacy work on behalf of children and adults with learning differences and ADHD. She frequently represents the family/consumer perspective on mental health issues and often speaks to audiences and the media on a variety of topics.

Evelyn works as an administrator with the Chicago Public Schools, planning professional development programs. She holds bachelor and master’s degrees from National Louis University and a master’s degree from Northern Illinois University. She is much too tired to have any hobbies, but does occasionally enjoy a good book, conversation with her kids, and sleep.

Linda Roggli, Webinar Workgroup Lead

Linda Roggli, PCC, is the founder of the A-D-Diva Network, a whimsical and supportive connection for midlife women (and a few exceptional men) with ADD-ish tendencies. She is also the author of Confessions of an A-D-Diva; midlife in the non-linear lane, published in 2011.

She organizes and moderates a 550-member AD/HD support group that meets twice monthly in central NC and has been running the ADDA webinar/teleseminar program since 2007.

In 2006, Linda established GardenSpirit, a women’s garden retreat center, on seven acres in suburban Durham, NC which includes a 60-foot-outdoor labyrinth, purple tree house and meditation paths.

She trained as a spiritual life coach before stepping into ADHD coaching in 2005; she now holds professional coach certification from the International Coach Federation and Coach for Life.

In her spare time, she teaches organic gardening and plays with her three adorable Shelties and one fabulous husband who often works with her coaching AD/HD couples and facilitating couples retreats.

Keith Griffin, Technology Committee Chair

Keith Griffin, ACC is an ICF credentialed ADHD Coach and advocate of thriving with ADHD by focusing on one’s strengths. Keith received his training through The ADD Coach Academy and works with clients worldwide. In addition to his coaching business, Keith serves the ADHD community through his position on the Board of Directors, his leadership role on the ADHD Coaches Organization’s board and by co-leading ADDA’s ADHD + LGBT, Poly Adults Peer Support Group.

Keith has a 20+ year background in the IT field, having served in roles ranging from software development to implementation. Due to his background and wide-ranging technical interests, the clients who choose him tend to have a “technical mind”, are involved in or pursuing a STEM careers and/or are entrepreneurial. As a gay man, he is also well suited to coach ADHDers from the LGBTQIA+ community.

In his spare time Keith enjoys riding his bike, traveling to new places, recording the occasional “This ADHD Life” podcast episode and keeping up with the latest tech trends, gadgets, productivity systems and time-management methodologies. Find out more about Keith through his profile on our Professionals Directory.

Douglas Harris, ADHD Awareness Coalition Representative

Doug Harris is an ADHD Coach who specializes in working with Twice Exceptional adults to help them reach their potential. He practices from an executive function model and has particular interests in mindfulness and the power of connection.

After being diagnosed with ADHD in 1998, Doug attended his first ADDA Conference the following year in Chicago. Needless to say, both events were life changing. Since then Doug’s focus has been helping himself and others learn to flourish with their ADHD. Doug has also been a professional student (a bachelor’s and two master’s degrees along with half a law degree and two years of work on a PhD degree) who turned all that education into being a stay-at-home dad to two children.

Since 2011, Doug has served on the ADDA Communications Committee, writing numerous articles for the newsletter and is involved in developing ADDA’s social media campaigns. The experience of working on an ADHD-friendly committee has proven eye-opening in terms of how much more is possible when working within a supportive environment. Doug is always looking to recruit new volunteers for ADDA so that they, too, can have this transformative experience.

Doug also contributes to the leadership of the Ann Arbor Adult ADHD Support Group. There, he is an advocate for creating opportunities for those with ADHD to connect with their tribe and to see how their ADHD is a difference, not a disability.

Doug’s current interests include (alphabetically) art, cinema, Community Theater, meditation, Mensa, mindfulness, nature, naturism, singing, ukulele, woodworking and yoga.

Ally Martin, ADHD Awareness Coalition Representative

Ally Martin is an ADHD life coach and founder of Attention Solutions where she works with adolescents and adults to overcome ADHD-related obstacles and create strategies for success. Ally’s journey with ADHD started in the same way as many others. Throughout her life, she knew she was struggling, but she didn’t know why until her oldest daughter started displaying symptoms of ADHD. As she started researching it, she realized that not only did her daughter fit the description, so did she.

It wasn’t long before Ally realized that there was a serious lack of support for people with ADHD in her area. She was left to do the research on her own, and she spent years of trial and error attempts to overcome ADHD-related obstacles. Not wanting anyone else to struggle the way she and her daughter did, Ally vowed to help others with ADHD.

Ally is continuing with her mission to help others with ADHD through coaching and her involvement with ADDA.

Frank Potter

Frank Potter is a retired state vocational rehabilitation counselor in Iowa. After a son was diagnosed with ADHD as a junior in high school, Frank realized he had ADHD also. Since his son’s diagnosis, Frank has studied ADHD and given lectures on it including at ADDA conferences.

Frank has served on the ADHD Justice Committee that published a highly-anticipated white paper on the positive outcomes of the ADHD Corrections Project, largely sponsored by ADDA.

Frank has particular interests in ADHD in education, workplace issues, and corrections. In his employment, Frank worked closely with high school and college students, and helped people with ADHD find employment and succeed in the workplace.

Like many people with ADHD, Frank has a myriad of interests including fly fishing (started a club), opera, soccer coaching (produced training DVD for youth coaches), tuck-pointing and history. He has completed a draft of book about a 19th century couple who were Transcendentalists in Iowa. Frank holds a master’s degree from the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

Shaun Roney, Social Media Committee Chair

Shaun Roney, is an ADHD Coach, but also…a Jane-of-all-trades, nature lover, serial entrepreneur and reformed DIYer.  Her Bachelor’s degree is in Child Development, and she is a recent graduate of the IACTCenter, where she received her ADHD coach training.

When her son was in Middle School he was diagnosed as ADHD Inattentive type.  As Shaun went through the discovery process with him, she saw much of herself in what she was learning.  She too was then diagnosed with ADHD, Inattentive type and her learning curve has been steep and swift.  She learned that she’s not “just” a quirky, random, free spirit, out on her own island, but rather a part of a much larger tapestry of amazing people.  The sense of belonging, understanding and connection with others who have ADHD is incredible.  She has found this to be the case with those at ADDA as well.

She joined ADDA as a volunteer in July of 2016 as the Social Media Team lead.  She strongly believes the saying “a rising tide lifts all” and that by increasing ADHD education and awareness, through ADDA’s mission of Serve*Connect*Empower, society as a whole will benefit.