Leaders: Karen Malis, Luzita Francis, Amanda Plashal & Mike Weiss
60 minutes
Thursdays at 10am ET/9 am CT / 8 am MT /7 am PT

**No meeting on December 26th**

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Studies highlight the transformative power of accountability for adults with ADHD. There is immense potential in our community. Brilliant minds and ambitious dreams. The challenge is in translating aspirations into tangible achievements. Our creativity battles with the structure required for success. And we may not always acknowledge our accomplishments.

Join Our Community: Are you navigating a sea of fantastic ideas but struggling to turn them into reality? You’re not alone. Welcome to ADDA’s Accountability Support Group. Ambitious adults with ADHD come together each week on a transformative journey.

What Sets Us Apart: We focus on accountability as a powerful tool in your personal development toolkit. We’re not just about setting goals. We encourage a dynamic exchange of experiences, celebrating victories, and learning from setbacks.

Weekly Virtual Meetings: Our virtual meetings are a cornerstone of this empowering community. Every week, we celebrate achievements and to share lessons learned along the way. This isn’t just another commitment—it’s an investment in your growth.

Community Understanding: We are a community that gets you. Fellow adults with ADHD stand by you. And we understand the nuances of your challenges. It’s more than encouragement; it’s genuine camaraderie.

Cheerleaders for Your Goals: Your Accountability Support Group is there, amplifying your victories.  A group of like-minded individuals cheer you on as you navigate your personal goals.

A Resource for Your Journey: We provide a space to share, and insights, tools, and strategies tailored to adults with ADHD.

Conclusion: Ready to transform your aspirations into achievements? Redefine success. Celebrate progress. Be part of a community that understands your journey and contributes to your success. Your knowledge empowers you as an effective self-advocate.

At ADDA+, you’ll find everything you need to improve life with ADHD in so many ways. Come on in… to ADDA+.


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