A Letter to the Authorities

By Heather Kyle I’m ADHD. I’ve been punished for it all my life. The school’s job is to educate. When it failed to teach me, it gave up and stopped […]

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Why Won’t You Help?

By Ken Vernon Like many adults with Inattentive type ADHD, I was diagnosed later in life, when I was 47. My life was a string of relationship failures, a mountain […]

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Managing Your Finances the ADHD Way

Managing your finances doesn’t have to be stressful.  We know – due dates, credit card payments, and late fees can send you into a tailspin, but we’re here to help […]

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What can I do when I just want to give up – like dealing with clutter?

Q: What can I do when I just want to give up – like dealing with clutter? Please oh please don’t give up! No seriously. Life is too amazing to […]

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How do I get help for my adult daughter who is unmotivated?

Q: My 32 yr old daughter/roommate was diagnosed at age 8, was prescribed Dexadrine which her father and I did not give her. She is REALLY ADD, is addicted to […]

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Diversity Is Dead: Freestyle Thoughts on Neurodiversity, Black Life, Reconciliation and the Commodification of “Wokeness”

by Romanza McAllister, LCSW Right now, there is a fire in my belly! Yes, I’m fired up around the conversations that aim to address change. The war cry is #Blacklivesmatter […]

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ADDA Stands Together

The ADHD community has focused and continues to focus on the needs and stories of white ADHD. This is not okay. This is systemic racism. Recognition is the essential precursor […]

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Learn How to Ask for What You Need: ADDA Workshop Series Starts June 3, 2020

By Duane Gordon I recently sat down to talk with ADDA Board member and ADHD coach, Erik “Doc” Anderson. We spoke about his June 3 webinar and workshop about an […]

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Catch-22: ADHD, Work, & the “Black Tax”

By Romanza McAllister, LCSW As a young girl, my mother told me being born Black meant I had to be exceptional. I had to be three times as good to […]

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Does a person with ADHD have more difficulties dealing with chronic pain than a non-ADHDer?

Q: I have been diagnosed with ADHD and I also have a chronic pain condition.  My question is this: do you think that a person with ADHD has more difficulties […]

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